[Download] Zinnia By Justin CP Kelly


By: Justin CP Kelly
Length: 226 pages
Release date: Jan 1, 2014
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Junior was lied to and tricked into believing that his upyr (vampire) true mate was dead. Here name is Zinnia and she's a Sentinel upyr that went insane when she found out she was true mated to a Vargulf (werewolf).

Sentinel upyr are the oldest upyr alive on earth. It's no wonder she did since she spent thousands of years hunting, killing and torturing Vargulf . She is the Vargulf 's version of the boogeyman. Wolves everywhere quaked in fear of the Vargulf Hunter.

Junior’s family decided to lie to him and allow him to think that Zinnia died when he was still a baby. They told themselves it was for his own protection. The story as told by his mom Dahlia was that when Zinnia realized a crossbreed was her mate something inside of her snapped. Then in a stupor of some kind she kidnapped Junior and took off.

Since she had no friends other than her small family that was trying to protect Tanya and Junior, eventually Serena ran out of places to run and hide. Vargulf found her and took advantage of her compromised mental state. From the telling, more than a hundred wolves descended on Junior’s mate and tore her from limb to limb.

Junior’s parents did their best to tell him he would find happiness and love despite not having a true mate. Eventually Junior did his best to believe they were right and even managed to fall head over heals in love with his childhood friend and pack mate Kathy. Then again, it took only one small scent of his true mate and his world went into a full tale spin. Junior found out fast that parents lie and sometimes the dead don't stay dead.

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