[Download] Youth is Love Maturity is Wisdom Old is Truth By Beinsa Douno

Youth is Love Maturity is Wisdom Old is Truth

By: Beinsa Douno
Length: 230 pages
Release date: Sep 5, 2013
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While one is in the physical world, he goes through three states: young, adult, and old. In the Divine world, these three states symbolize the three great virtues: young people represent Love, adults – wisdom, and old people - truth. Therefore, if a young person cannot acquire life, Love has not yet come in him. If an adult does not acquire knowledge, wisdom has not yet come in him. If an old person does not acquire freedom, truth has not yet come in him. If you are young, Love and life are with you. If you are adult, knowledge and wisdom are with you. If you are old, truth and freedom are with you. Your hair and your beard are grey. It does not mean anything. That old age is of a special nature. Old age means a state, in which a person is freed from all constraints of life. An old person is free to do whatever he wants. An old person may rejuvenate as much as he wants. He becomes a magician. He may do whatever he wants.

Whom do we call young? While Saturn is not manifested in someone, while he is jolly, he is young. Once Saturn manifests in him, he is old. Till which age one is young? Even if one is 100 years old, if he is jolly and in good mood, he is young. One, who becomes downhearted, is not young. In this sense, everyone can answer himself whether he is young or old. If your wounds heal easily, this indicates that your thoughts and feelings are good. In this situation, you are taken as a young person. One, whose wounds do not heal easily, is old. Doctors will say that the reason for that is the impure blood. We make a different conclusion, and namely: old people have impure blood. Young people’s blood is always clean. So, you shall know that old age means neither the physical appearance of somebody, nor the years, but it means impure blood. Old is one, who is hindered by evil. One, who is not hindered by the evil, is young. Young people are good, and old ones are bad; Young people are strong, and old ones are weak.

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