[Download] Your New Horse; Starting Out the Right Way By Paula Sainthouse

Your New Horse; Starting Out the Right Way

By: Paula Sainthouse
Length: 209 pages
Release date: Dec 15, 2013
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Bringing your new horse home is a time of great excitement and joy, but it can also represent a time of almost unbearable stress and worry. Perhaps this is the culmination of years of frustrated ambition as a pony mad kid, or maybe owning a horse is the natural progression of returning to the hobby you loved as a child. Either way, as any horse person will tell you, you must be prepared for the unexpected because things often do not go to plan!
This book is written for the person who is about to become a horse owner, outlining the different areas you must consider, what you will need to have and know, how to get ready to ensure your horse's arrival is hassle free, how best to begin working successfully with your new partner and how to address any issues which may arise. It explains what behaviors you may expect to see in your horse, why they may appear and how to tackle the less desirable ones. Written from the author's own experience and the experiences shared by others who have been through the process, it aims to provide a friendly, supportive and down to earth reference for those who are keen to give their new horse the best possible start in their new home.

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