[Download] Wrinkled Souls By Johanna van Rooy

Wrinkled Souls

By: Johanna van Rooy
Length: 237 pages
Release date: Oct 4, 2013
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Subconsciously we all have a vague notion about nursing homes and most of us are content never to get any closer to that reality unless we are forced to.
Patricia has to live at Somersby Nursing Home because that is what the anonymous health system has dictated. She is not a compliant resident which subsequently has made her unpopular with most of the staff. But there is one nursing assistant, Karen who captures her interest, and an unlikely friendship develops against a background of conflicting values.
Residents are forced into each others’ lives, lives which have been down-sized to accommodate a small room if you are lucky and for many it is just a corner of a room. The routine and politics of nursing home life pervades the existence of their residents, their families and the staff. The residents of Somersby are effectively withdrawn from mainstream society because getting old or infirmed is almost as evil as becoming a criminal although people in gaol do have more control of their fate.

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