[Download] Worth Any Price By Lisa Kleypas

Worth Any Price

By: Lisa Kleypas
Narrated by: Susan Duerden
Length: 9 hours
Release date: Dec 1, 2011
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (277 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)

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Nick Gentry is reputed to be the most skillful lover in all England. Known for solving delicate situations, he is hired to seek out Miss Charlotte Howard. He believes his mission will be easily accomplished - but that was before he met the lady in question.

For instead of a willful female, he discovers one in desperate circumstances, hiding from a man who would destroy her very soul. So Nick shockingly offers her a very different kind of proposition - one he has never offered before.

He asks her to be his bride.

And he knows that this will be much more than a union in name only. For he senses what Charlotte does not yet know-that her appetite for sensuality matches his own. But what Nick learns surprises him. For while London's most notorious lover might claim Charlotte's body, he quickly discovers it will take much more than passion to win her love.
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17 Responses to “[Download] Worth Any Price By Lisa Kleypas”

  1. Rueben Kristof

    Predictable, historical romance…… 3+ stars
    Its been a while since I read a true historical romance novel, and this book was very representative of the typical components. It was well written, and the narrator did a very good job with the text. However it was very predictable with a creepy old guy, and the recalcitrant heroine who wants everyone to like her just the same. Queue the hero with the tainted past who saves her…..and together they are restored to their well-deserved status within society.

    But still…… if this is your “cup of tea”, and you’re looking for a bit of mild escapism, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this story.

  2. Kassie Childrey

    Never fails!
    This was a captivating and engaging story. Whenever I feel the need for a historical romance, I’ll look for a Lisa Kleypas book. It never fails to deliver! There’s always the brilliant storyline, amazing chemistry between the characters and the connection you can’t help but feel for them.

    Charlotte was a great heroine. Innocent and sweet yet strong and levelheaded.

    Nick was a complex man. An enigma perceived to be hardened and unforgiving yet he was the sweetest with Charlotte.

    Another story that left me with a happy and contented smile. Loving this series.

    *On service and the narrator, Susan Duerden, was brilliant!*

  3. Dolores Fader

    Lisa Kleypas is amazing. Great novel.
    I hate reading “another great book”. Instead i want to say that I have more praise for Lisa Kleypas than I ever thought possible. I have the tendency to treat romance novels as “low brow” entertainment. That’s my ignorant and self conscious problem. Lisa Kleypas writes for my own heart!

    This book is fantastic. Lady Sopia’s Lover is my favorite of Kleypas books. This is the story of Nick Gentry, Sophia’s brother. Definitely read the other first.
    I can say I like these books most of all.

    These characters are wonderful. And the story is engrossing, as all Kleypas novels seem to be!!

    Read lady Sophia, then this. You wont regret it!

  4. Minh Miazga

    Creepy Narrator…. Almost Ruined the book for me.
    What didn’t you like about Susan Duerden’s performance?

  5. Grover K.

    Was OK!
    Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent? Why or why not?

  6. Burt Pankey

    Wonderful – loved everything about this story!!!
    Read this some years ago in a paperback and loved it then. And this time with service and it has only gotten better!!! Thank you!!!!

  7. Teressa Hibble

    Terrific story, wonderful reader – takes you away!
    Would you listen to Worth Any Price again? Why?

  8. Matthew Innis

    Narrative was lackluster
    I love Lisa Kleypas and the story was good, however, the narrator was terrible. I didn’t like the raspy whispered voices carried out through the whole book. It took away so much of the experience that this is one book that I unfortunately will probably not pick up to read a second, third or fourth time.

  9. Bernardo Rensen

    Wow! My favorite.
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  10. Luigi Gentges

    reader not quite a good fit
    I found that the reader of this audio book did not do men’s voices very well and I really struggled to adjust to her voice. wonderful story though with am authors note at the end that I thoroughly enjoyed

  11. VoxVolat

    An Alpha Male Learning to Love
    What made the experience of listening to Worth Any Price the most enjoyable?

  12. Myrtis Arturo

    Where does Worth Any Price rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

  13. Sterling W.

    Amazing finish
    This was an amazing finish to an amazing series. Kleypas at her best. Fantastic characters and story. Can’t wait to listen to it a second time. Nick and Lottie make a great couple and the tension of the story lasts to final chapter.

  14. Mozella Cropsey

    Not worth buying!
    I usually like Lisa Kleypas’books but this one was just plain sickening. Over half of the book was just intimate details of sex scenes. I was so sick of these scenes I fast forwarded to try to get through the book. An obvious plot as well.

  15. Vicky Rasband

    Sensual love story
    Would you listen to Worth Any Price again? Why?

  16. Lucille Kirchgessner

    Love the series
    Have read the book multiple times, this audio version was quite enjoyable. Love Kleypas and all her books, truly fantastic.

  17. Malcolm Fernades

    The editors’description of this book threw me off
    I skipped over this one several times because the description sounded – frankly – yucky, but it’s way off the mark. It turned out to be a fine read and one of the better narrations by Duerden – all the whispering doesn’t bother me at all- and her male voices are better than some of her books. The book turned out to be a real delight, and once again there’s no relation between the cover and the much more fun story that is told. Glad I risked it.

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