[Download] Wisdom to Live Your MAGIC!TM By Larry Anderson

Wisdom to Live Your MAGIC!TM

By: Larry Anderson
Length: 286 pages
Release date: Dec 14, 2013
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Wisdom to Live Your MAGIC!TM provides you with life lessons from 50 of the most amazing teachers in human history. For each teacher the book includes an original portrait illustration, a brief biography, and selected wisdom from that teacher in his or her own words. Each profile also shares the profound life lesson the author learned from that particular teacher. Mentor Vivo Saggezza will show you how to integrate the wisdom of these amazing teachers into your own life.

Wisdom to Connect the Dots to Your Dreams and Goals.

"Wisdom to Live Your Magic, is a collection of the most inspiring stories of resilience, success and meaningful life lessons I have ever read. This compilation of life’s great teachers and heroes, will inspire youth to take those lessons and help them connect the dots from where they are now, to their own future dreams and goals. Larry Anderson inspires me and I truly believe his work will inspire a generation."

Jay Ball, President & CEO,
Junior Achievement of Northern Alberta

"I heartily endorse this book whose lessons have the power to positively impact the lives of its readers if they absorb some of the messages and take action in their own lives to live their magic."
Ralph B. Young
Chancellor, University of Alberta

About The Author

Larry Anderson is an award-winning businessman, speaker, author and philanthropist. He transformed himself from a lonely, penniless, high school dropout to a happy fulfilled man living his dreams. In the Live Your MAGIC!TM series, Larry explains how he changed the direction of his life -- and show how you, too, can make your dreams come true. The Live Your MAGIC!TM series includes two books and a six episode video series supported by nine workbooks. The Books: Inspiration to Live Your MAGIC!TM 75 Inspiring Biographies and Wisdom to Live Your MAGIC!TM Life lessons from 50 Amazing Teachers
Video/Workbook Series: The Journey to Live Your MAGIC! Five Gifts. Five Choices. Six Tools. Available on www.LiveYourMagic.com

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