[Download] William the Conquered: a Tale of Entwined Lives By Gareth Bennett

William the Conquered: a Tale of Entwined Lives

By: Gareth Bennett
Length: 604 pages
Release date: Sep 17, 2013
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Money worries, a gangster-obsessed wife, one solitary friend and a darkened heart have William Reddy, a failed policeman and private eye, prepared for any opportunity to improve his lot – and it comes in the shape of a letter; the ‘wrong’ letter it would appear. This takes him off to the sun-glittered alchemical city of Seville and into the spiritually uplifting arms of Sophie Lorencz, a multi-cultural lady of the night, and also into the crosshairs of the dangerously wealthy and demonically ambitious doña Rosalva Castilla de las Casas, the intended recipient of the letter.
It is there that he encounters the Magnificent Suit of Many Devils, and the tale starts to eat itself, sending William on a humorously horrific, historical slalom involving slavering mastiffs, conquerors and conquered, Abac and Costec and riches enough to make a Rothschild retch with envy – a tale of entwined lives that can only be ended by death or glory...or aliens.

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