[Download] Where the Wind Blows By Caroline Fyffe

Where the Wind Blows

By: Caroline Fyffe
Narrated by: Phil Gigante
Length: 8 hours
Release date: Nov 27, 2012
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (3 votes, average: 4.50 out of 5)

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Where the Wind Blows, Book One of USA Today bestselling author Caroline Fyffe's award winning western historical romance Prairie Hearts series.

In the free and untamed Wild West, love might blossom in the most unexpected place…

When the man from the orphanage mistakes Chase Logan for Jessie Strong's husband, the least Chase can do is help Jessie adopt the child she so desperately wants, the little girl who will be Jessie's only family in the Wyoming wilderness. Three days are all she asks. Three days pretending to love a woman who is unlike any he has ever known…

Jessie knows it's chivalry, plain and simple, that spurs Chase Logan to come to her rescue the day little Sarah arrives at her door. A man like him isn't made for settling down; he is as wild as the land he roams. She should know better than to let down her guard, to allow herself to long for a family and a life with someone she hardly knows. And yet she dares to hope that maybe, just maybe, Chase Logan is the man destined to make all of her dreams come true.

The Western Historical Romance Prairie Hearts Series:
Book One - Where the Wind Blows
Book Two - Before the Larkspur Blooms
Book Three - As the River Runs
Available formats:
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29 Responses to “[Download] Where the Wind Blows By Caroline Fyffe”

  1. Amberly Bonesteel

    loved it
    my first book by this author and won’t be the last. I read/listen all different types of books, but it’s been awhile for a romantic western.

    This book had a strong story line and strong characters. With lots of unexpected twists. Ms Fyfee does a good job building the characters and backdrop. if you close your eyes you can picture the setting.

    This book is about strangers becoming family first out of need (and trickery) and then love. You can almost feel the emotions building and you know what they are thinking because Ms Fyfee doesn’t leave anything out.

    As for Phil Gigante he’s always been one of my favorites and he does not disappoint.

  2. Adelaide W.

    Falling in love with love again
    Where does Where the Wind Blows rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

  3. Houston Rohal

    Entertaining enough
    I got sucked into the story but the writing is very cliche at times, almost comedic.

  4. twin(b)

    I laughed, smiled and fretted but totally load the book. beautiful storyline. love the authors writing. look forward to more of this author

  5. Mirta Desalle

    Loved it.
    I loved listening to this story. It was full of emotion and love. Narration was very good.

  6. Tynisha Goldware

    This Story Made my Heart
    This Story Made my Heart Hurt in SO MANY WAYS….Good, Bad & COMPLETELY AMAZING!! I love it when I can read/Listen to a book I get so MANY EMOTIONS OUT OF!! Caroline Fyffe ALWAYS does it to me, But this 1 was just so much more intensified!! she’s one of the BEST KIND OF “AUTHORS” Like your right there with them NOT being told about the story & that alone makes it 1000% better to me!! OBVIOUSLY This book touched me & i loved it!! You don’t want to miss out on it!! Phil did an awesome job!!
    *****GREAT STORY

  7. Denver Colosimo

    Where the Wind Blows: A Prairie Hearts Novel
    I usually am not a fan of stories about shotgun marriages however I enjoyed Caroline’s writing style so much that this story made me a fan for life…

  8. Young Buskirk

    Very enjoyable, wonderfully uplifting
    Enjoyed the story, characters, and flow of the book. it was very uplifting. The narrator did a wonderful iob depicting each character.

  9. Norberto Matsumura

    Loved listening to Phil narrate Caroline’s story.
    If you could sum up Where the Wind Blows in three words, what would they be?

  10. Erasmo Andrle

    ok the story wasn’t bad. mrs hollyhawk had me wanting to curse a blue streak. if there’s one thing i can’t stand it’s a busy body who oversteps the line. Jessie was young and most of her actions showed that and can sometimes translate into her being TSTL. BUT again she’s 18 and I chalk that up to her being young. The almost 4yr old girl speaking and behaving like a 2yr old was kinda annoying. And don’t get me started on Chase getting damn near choked out by Gabe. Sidebar Gabe is 13!!!

    and mrs hollyhawk showing up again and the whole shotgun and everyone laughing? oh hell now. bitch stay in your lane!!

    story – 2.5
    narrator – 4 PHIL GIGANTE!!! what else do I need to say. Damn that man can narrate the fuck outta a book.

  11. Gale Haeder

    Good little romance
    If you could sum up Where the Wind Blows in three words, what would they be?

  12. Janice

    sweet story
    Good story, good narrator. Liked the ending.
    Liked the family values the author incorporates into the story.

  13. Dominic Gitthens

    Good story for trip out west
    I decided to read the story when I was going on a trip to Jackson Hole, WY last winter. I enjoyed the book but it did take me quite a while to get used to the male narrator’s voice that are used for the lead young adult female character. Ultimately, as much his husky voice seemed inappropriate for her, I was intrigued by the story and less bothered by the voice for the lead female character. I wish there was information about research done by the author to support the characterizations, events and story.

  14. Lonna D.

    This book wasn’t for you, but who do you think might enjoy it more?

  15. Clarice Ragle

    A good one to listen to many times over
    5star story line and characters, enjoyed author and reader! Will look forward to more of both.

  16. Wendy Goldwater

    What I thought would be some historical fiction turned out to be a cheesy romance.
    This is not an author I will read again.

  17. Pearl Kernagis

    feel good story
    Did Phil Gigante do a good job differentiating all the characters? How?

  18. Peaches

    Not my taste in books, but still fairly good
    To be fair, I’m not a fan of the (kind of) corny western love stories, especially when the author tries to replicate their manner of speech back then, and at times, I literally laughed out loud. However, moving past that, it was a decent story with a lot of cornpone thrown in. The lack of communication between the cowboy and the widow was annoying at best, and the ensuing drama was at times laughable. The narrator did a great job, except for the female voices. I struggle listening to most men mimicing a woman’s voice, so I don’t think it was him, per se. If you are a fan of this genre, you will enjoy this story.

  19. Augustus Viands

    Caroline Fyffe is a great story teller.
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  20. Gabriel Ginnings

    2,5 Stars
    Chase rides into town to tell Jesse that her husband, Nathan, died. Jesse and Chase are forced to marry because Chase spent them some nights at Jesse’s. The forced marriage to save Jesse’s reputation kind of seemed weird to me because who’s to say he didn’t spend his nights in the barn or on the rug, out near the fire.

    There are lots of misunderstandings between Jesse and Chase. That seems to be what the story is mostly about – the misunderstandings couples have. The story was somewhat entertaining and I did finish the book but it was long and dragged at points.

  21. Belva Micek

    great story – entertaining and exciting!
    What did you love best about Where the Wind Blows?

  22. Maureen H. Catron

    Where the Wind Blows
    I enjoyed reading this book very much and would suggest it to anyone as a book to read.

  23. Gisela Cermeno

    I really enjoy this book (and the series). I read the book quite a long time ago but when I saw it available on service I had to reacquaint myself with the characters. I have once again fallen in love with Jessie, Chance and their family. And who can’t appreciate the crotchety but loveable Mrs Hollyhock. Thank you Caroline for bringing such wonderful characters to life.

  24. Jen

    So Much Sap I Smelled Maple Syrup
    I found this book in Kindle Unlimited. I’m glad I didn’t pay a full service credit for it. It was cute, but so sappy at times I could hardly bare it. That said, it had some good twists to it. It was the angst in the romance storyline that was annoying. That, and the male narrator trying to do a young female voice. He just sounded ridiculous.

  25. Josefine Maass

    Wonderful book!
    This is a new author to me and I listened to the audio version of this book! I was very pleased with the narrator and all the voices he did! His voice added a lot to the country feel if this book!

    The story was intriguing from the beginning but I hated how Chase fought with himself so much about staying or going! Sometimes I just wanted to kick some sense into him! All the hurt that Jessie had during her young life was hard to hear about but I know this is a life many women have lived through!
    Just a wonderful story and I’m ever so glad it continued on past the wedding!

  26. Dena Bartosh

    I won’t be reading any more of her books.
    I almost stopped listening halfway through. The narrator did great on the male voices, and I like his voice. But the female voices he did came out whiny and irritating. Things didn’t make sense and the lead female is weak, and let him walk all over her. I quickly grew tired of her. The lead male was bossy and quick to get mad, almost verbally abusive. And the end was stupid! Didn’t think it was even necessary, especially the way it was delivered on Christmas morning as if it was “good news”? What was good about it?? I was like “What??” Also, you find out she’s pregnant, then you never hear another thing about it! Whether she had the baby, or even talk of getting ready to have the baby. Too much whining, a story with slow parts and unexplained happenings, and an unnecessary ending that I hated. She should have been in labor and had the baby at the end, not the lame ending it had.

  27. Werner Vanderwal

    Narration was very good. The story was terrible-melodramatic and cheesy. I don’t understand why this book had so many glowing reviews. Save your time and a credit and pass on this one.

  28. Steffanie Pusey

    Great story.
    LOVED It… looking forward to hearing others.
    The story moved along and kept my attention well..

  29. Jeffrey Bucolo

    NICE !!
    Very nice storyline. I found it very touching. I will read more in this series.
    Good sense of what western life was like.

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