[Download] When the Devil is Beating His Wife: A Christian Perspective on Domestic Violence and Recovery By Iris Cooper, Melanie Houston

When the Devil is Beating His Wife: A Christian Perspective on Domestic Violence and Recovery

By: Iris Cooper, Melanie Houston
Length: 183 pages
Release date: Sep 26, 2013
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When the Devil is Beating His Wife is for any woman suffering from an abusive relationship or knows someone in this predicament. Domestic violence is painful, humiliating, and a life-changing experience. When the relationship is severed, what do you do? There are countless questions, but few answers. How do you escape? Where are the instructions to create a new life? How do you endure each day with a broken heart and injured spirit? When do the storms end and when does the sun shine again? Where is God when you need Him?

When the Devil is Beating His Wife by Iris Cooper and Melanie Houston is an inspirational guide to create a new and improved life for victims of domestic violence under God’s care and direction, in about 90 days. It is for survivors of intimate partner abuse who want to help other women, or for women who are free from abuse and want a plan to heal and recover. From the lives of three fictional women survivors, survivors will identify the causes and actions of abuse, and begin to renew their lives with confidence and purpose.

Meet Joy, a professional woman with a son and a philandering husband. She built her brand on pretending to be on top of her game, but inside she knows she’s a fake. After directing people daily in her demanding job, she is reduced to a puppet in her home, with control over nothing.

Next, meet Eva. Eva’s timid demeanor attracted a man with a history of abuse. Her husband never forgave people in his past for his circumstances, leaving Eva to deal with his revenge. Eva keeps her pain silent for years, until God provides the opportunity to trust Him, and leave with her daughters and her sanity.

Finally, meet Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is in love with a man with demons from his past: anger, mental illness, and low-self-esteem. His erratic behavior forces her to flee and set up barriers to keep him away. Unfortunately, the barriers crash, putting her life in harm’s way.

Through these profiles, move through Month One, where the first recovery steps are revealed in detail. Learn to make an abnormal lifestyle “normal,” and fill your days with viable, positive activities. Month Two leads to a comfort level with the new routine and appreciation for God’s wisdom and grace. In Month Three God’s favor is evident to you and those around you. Begin to shine in every situation, and know that if God brought you through the past storms, He won’t let you miss your rainbow in the sky. The road to recovery is set and you are on your way to greatness.

Without this book, some woman will never know that freedom is only ninety days away with God’s divine direction.

“Chilling and liberating!”

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