[Download] When Shadows Fell at Notre Dame By Peter K. Connolly

When Shadows Fell at Notre Dame

By: Peter K. Connolly
Length: 271 pages
Release date: Sep 16, 2007
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Mark Haverty, class of ’55, arrives from New York at no-nonsense Notre Dame, determined to succeed. But a grisly campus murder concealed since the founding of the university, a thirty-seven-year-old librarian with money and mischief on her mind, and the irresistible siren allure of a St. Mary’s College beauty quickly derail his good intentions. Mark finds himself increasingly at odds with his upbringing and with college authorities as he confronts the Legends of Notre Dame and careens toward a night of unspeakable horror.

A memory-grabber for any one who ever cheered in Notre Dame’s "old" stadium, treasured the lakes and the springtime woods, crossed the Dixie, lingered on the SMC "Avenue," or sat in the East Parlors. And a look at America’s most fabled campus at a time when it was considered “the third military academy.”

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