[Download] What Makes Love Last?: How to Build Trust and Avoid Betrayal By Nan Silver, John M. Gottman, PhD

What Makes Love Last?: How to Build Trust and Avoid Betrayal

By: Nan Silver, John M. Gottman, PhD
Narrated by: Peter Berkrot
Length: 7 hours
Release date: Sep 4, 2012
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Dr. John Gottman, the country's preeminent researcher on marriage, is famous for his Love Lab at the University of Washington in Seattle where he deciphers the mysteries of human relationships through scientific research. His thirty-five years of exploration have earned him numerous awards, including from the National Institute of Mental Health, the American Psychological Association, and the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Now, Dr. Gottman offers surprising findings and advice on the characteristic that is at the heart of all relationships: Trust. Dr. Gottman has developed a formula that precisely calculates any couple's loyalty level. The results determine a relationship's likely future, including the potential for one or both partners to stray.

What Makes Love Last? shows couples how to bolster their trust level and avoid what Dr. Gottman calls the "Roach Motel for Lovers." He describes how the outcome of "sliding door moments," small pivotal points between a couple, can lead either to more emotional connection or to discontent. He suggests a new approach to handling adultery and reveals the varied and unexpected non-sexual ways that couples often betray each other. What Makes Love Last? guides couples through an empirically tested, trust-building program that will help them repair and maintain any long-term, intimate romantic relationship.
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18 Responses to “[Download] What Makes Love Last?: How to Build Trust and Avoid Betrayal By Nan Silver, John M. Gottman, PhD”

  1. Alda Mihlfeld

    Narrator is annoying but good book
    I liked the info and examples, but the dialogue acted out by the narrator was super annoying.

  2. Eddie Zipperer

    Narrative is too quiet
    Often the narrator lowers their volume to be so quiet that it is very hard to hear.

  3. Anonymous User

    Quagmire ruins the whole thing
    Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent? Why or why not?

  4. Lavette Mccrystal

    Wonderful book!
    The book is rich with helpful content and I’m glad I bathed in it this way first…now I have to buy a hard copy to go back and do the work of learning, isolating, integrating, and using these great tools!

  5. Virgilio Thielbar

    Great Book!!!
    Helpful information for all couples. PDF for audio book difficult to find if able at all.

  6. A. Celis

    great relationship insight
    Great relationship insight I hadn’t considered. even gave insights to things that I have done in a relationship that had made it not work. And clear evidence for things that indicate a relationship is over.

  7. Daniel M.

    Must read for anyone looking for a happy relations
    The information in this book is raw and may be hard to hear for some people but I truly believe that if these tactics and habits are used in any relationship by BOTH partners… you can have an amazing, infidelity free relationship. Very, very good, interesting and valuable read.

  8. Nathan Vickery

    great stuff
    I thoroughly enjoyed the content of the book. The narrator’s voice did not really go with the stories very well. There were times that I actually started laughing because the narrator’s voice sounded ridiculous saying some of the things that the couples were saying. I think a female would have been better at this. I am happy that this book reaffirmed that my hubby and I are on the right track. This book gives excrement tools and ideas for better communication. I loved it.

  9. Amandazine

    The reader was so awful I could not listen.
    Would you try another book from John M. Gottman and Nan Silver and/or Peter Berkrot?

  10. Galen Teachout

    Great info
    I liked this book a lot. I haven’t implemented any of it yet, but it aligns with other things I have read and incorporated into my relationship. The narrators voice trails off a lot, and made it hard to hear in the car sometimes. It was kind of irritating. Great book anyway.

  11. Darnell Monrroy

    A Roadmap to Long Term Happiness
    This book may be what saved my marriage; my very life. In it I found a short yet profound scientific approach to understanding love and long-term marriage success, regardless of circumstance or religious creed. Upon reading it I became overwhelmed with epiphanies and experienced a cascade of internal change which, while aimed at improving the relationship with my incredible spouse, has benefited me well beyond the proverbial walls of my marriage. I would highly recommend this to anyone willing to take an honest, measured and critical look at their life and themselves. Reading it with a partner will only amplify it’s benefits and I look forward to putting in the work with the aids that come with the hard copy version.

    Thank you Dr’s Julie and John Gottman and all your staff. Your work is meaningful and greatly appreciated.

  12. Tatyana Friddell

    Best Relationship Advice
    Gottman hits it right on the head every time. sound relationship advice for every couple

  13. Stephan Gocek

    Useful and great supportive research
    I’ve read a number of Gottman’s books. This one is a welcome focus on the elements that bond the couple. His research advances to move toward the simple ideas of making decisions in the other person’s interest and reducing negative interactions. Underneath all that, he reveals the more complex context in which all of that fits and includes many familiar examples.

  14. Lyndsay V.

    A must read
    This book is great for both couples on the fence as well as a new relationship just starting out.

    For the existing couple, you will learn foundational techniques to get you back to your heydays.

    For the new couple, this will help you start off on the right foot, and educate yourself on how to manage a relationships traditional obstacle to prevent them from becoming overwhelming and damaging.

    Both partners need to read it. Also love the fact that there are worksheets and exercises provided to help with activities.

    I wish I read this book 14 years ago.

  15. kalin

    Life changing, saved my marriage
    Offers terrific tips on how to keep, maintain, and regain trust. I would recommend this to anyone who is in, or plans to be in a long term commitment.

  16. Carl B.

    Gottman and Silver are a must read!
    I can not express how on it Gottman is in his studies and research. I love all the case studies and the hands on experience with the many couples he has observed and questioned in his love lab. The results have definitely helped me better understand what i want and don’t want out of my relationship. Thank you so much.

  17. Aaron Silagy

    This book has given me profound insight on understanding myself and my marriage. It also flows like a story and not a dull textbook which is wonderful. I highly recommend it for couples and individuals.

  18. rajan kumaran

    The key to keeping love
    I found this book to be full of very valuable tools. I will be listening to it many times. It gives me hope for having a successful long term relationship. The narrator did a fine job.

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