[Download] Want to Fly? Get a Grip! Book 1 The Series: Rhythms of Life By Nic Olvani

Want to Fly? Get a Grip! Book 1 The Series: Rhythms of Life

By: Nic Olvani
Length: 219 pages
Release date: Sep 8, 2013
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The problem is that the behavioural patterns of the world, including mine and yours, are fundamentally flawed. Our behavioural patterns stem from our decision-making abilities. Our decision-making abilities are totally inadequate.
Our behaviour is very deeply rooted in the past; so are the decisions that we make. It is so ingrained into our existence that we act automatically. We never challenge it and, as a result, we are unknowingly and unintentionally caught up in a flawed existence.
We are creatures of social habit and we are desperately trying to satisfy all our survival needs. We live fear-based lives and we do not understand why. We fear hunger, death, poverty, sickness, rejection and many other things. We do not know what truth is anymore!
Imagine if we can turn this around... and yes, we can!
We can fly!
However, before we can fly, we need to get a grip, to solve the problem.
The world around us seems to be evermore in chaos, despite some very positive things happening at the same time. This presents the world and its people not only with many issues and problems, but also with many opportunities in life. It is, in fact, life. Motivated by the need to find a solution to why the world and its people are struggling so much and not living a life full of love, peace and abundance, I set it as a personal goal to find a solution and share it with the world and its people. My ten-year journey eventually transpired into two books in a series called Rhythms of Life. Life has different phases and two very natural phases in the life of man, lead man on his journey in life. The two separate books each cover a phase in the life of man. Each book arrives at a rule book with one very simple rule for willing and able people to adhere to, in order to live fully and create a better world to live in..

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