[Download] Waiting for Jo By S.R. Bradshaw

Waiting for Jo

By: S.R. Bradshaw
Length: 225 pages
Release date: Sep 25, 2013
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Josephine O’Shea’s life is not going as planned. James, her handsome litigator boyfriend broke up with her, she despises her job, and some anonymous creep has been following her and leaving her threatening notes.

She’s just about given up on James when he offers her a position at his firm. Taking this as a sign that he’s still interested in her, she accepts the job and becomes singularly focused on winning him back.

That is until a tall, muscular artist named Will enters the picture. Jo must decide whether she should ignore her growing connection with Will and keep pursuing James or discard her preconceived notions and let herself fall for a man that she believes isn't right for her, all while trying to figure out who is stalking her.

***Contains explicit language and sexual content. Mature audiences only.***

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