[Download] VoiceThread for Digital Education By Kelli Stair

VoiceThread for Digital Education

By: Kelli Stair
Length: 193 pages
Release date: Sep 10, 2013
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If technology is a tool, then VoiceThread is the Swiss army knife of educational technology. Versatile, easy-to-navigate, and interactive, VoiceThread equips teachers to deploy numerous best instructional practices that engage 21st century students in rigorous literacy activities.

VoiceThread for Digital Education details how to use the free VoiceThread cloud application to enhance twelve research-proven teaching strategies. Each chapter focuses on a specific teaching strategy—such as activating background knowledge, peer revision, or journaling—and explains how to improve that strategy with the interactive and multimedia capabilities of VoiceThread. Specific content area examples spark ideas for all teachers to incorporate VoiceThread in their classrooms, and a how to guide and hyperlinks to demonstration screencasts provide step by step directions to help every teacher—regardless of technology background—to utilize this invaluable tool. In addition to satisfying technology standards, VoiceThread differentiates instruction, increases student engagement, and helps generate highly interactive, rigorous lessons.

Upgrade your current teaching strategies with VoiceThread for Digital Education and create an environment where every student learns, every day.

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