[Download] Visiting Ghosts By Judith White

Visiting Ghosts

By: Judith White
Length: 176 pages
Release date: Sep 9, 2013
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Praise for Visiting Ghosts

The most appealing feature of Judith White’s short stories is her acceptance that the neurotic and the repressed have a valid viewpoint on the world ... Neurosis is an area she seems to understand. It enables her to get to that place all writers try for: where reality, seemingly known and thoroughly discovered, suddenly opens up new depths and distances. Geoff Chapple (Sunday Star)

Her stories are vividly and hauntingly original, the voice and the view of the world her own. She explores human manners and mannerisms through a series of bizarre circumstances and eccentric viewpoints ... Read Visiting Ghosts for a renewed appreciation of the possibilities of the short story– to entertain, to surprise, to move, to recoil, and, very often, to understand humanity with compassion. Michael King (Metro)

White’s special talent lies in her ability to dissect everyday situations in ordinary lives, giving the reader the opportunity to view these with a fresh perspective, sometimes with a wry smile, sometimes with a jolt of recognition. Her stories are unpretentious and accessible, mostly written in a no-frills narrative style, many with a deliciously sardonic sense of humour. Sandra Arnold (The Dominion)

White is a ‘born’ short story writer in that her stories seem to have written themselves, giving no inkling of the enormous effort which must have gone into their creation. Instead there is an easy ‘naturalness’ about her style which belies the intensity of the subject matter. Graeme Lay (North and South)

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