[Download] Verve Mania By A Shepherd

Verve Mania

By: A Shepherd
Length: 560 pages
Release date: Nov 25, 2013
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Lives Ruined By Hidden Agendas

Andy Brayden's magnificent life's work has the hallmarks of celebrity and dynasty, wealth and power. Andy's impact on his friends and followers is absolute. He inspires the bitter envy of one of his two best friends, but enjoys the adulation of those who see him mostly on stage and screen. The problem is Andy Brayden is not a celebrity. He is a minister, leading a church with international influence.

It is exciting, inspiring, and no one notices it has abandoned old time religion. The loss of values erodes the lives of people around Andy. Verve (vitality; enthusiasm; liveliness; gusto and energy), takes over from virtue. Greed from grace. A web of manipulation, deceit and corruption lurks beneath the veneer. Conformity to the franchise image are the cost of belonging and many young men are willing to sacrifice their independence to become leaders in Andy's empire.

But the young ministers quickly become unhinged. Demon-like and angel-like forces jostle for expression as opposing alter egos. Death, rape, suicide and poverty invade the lives of people who emulate Andy. The church becomes a dysfunctional corporation. This book asks hard questions about some mega church movements. Is this for the glory of God, or is Andy only a charismatic merchandiser, whose brand is enjoying its moment of glory, consuming as it is consumed?

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