[Download] Uprooting Drug Abuse In The World By Craig Petersen

Uprooting Drug Abuse In The World

By: Craig Petersen
Length: 129 pages
Release date: Oct 4, 2013
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Discover the real reason why people do drugs

The battle against drug abuse is raging on the earth, on a scale that expresses life or death in true reality, and the powers ruling and controlling these environments are clashing relentlessly. If we look at this epidemic from a seemingly bird’s eye perspective and look at the statistics of drug abuse on the earth, then it is time that the eyes of the heart of mankind should open to increasing love of God.

Throughout the world, drug abuse is an immense problem, of which only those who walk in faithful manner will understand true victory and that which Christ came to give His life for.

Greater and greater dimensions of evil breeds around drug abuse, like prostitution, murder, theft, domestic violence, pornography, and such evils; about anything we can think of that is evil could surround drug abuse.

But God is still in control and will bring His purpose and plan into existence through His children, for God is raising up a people that will stand against destructive living on the earth. The Word of God encourage us that the devil is already defeated, and God will rule in the dimension of the earth to establish His glory which moves and increases to the coming of Christ now and forever.

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