[Download] Up From The Ashes By Andrew Bills

Up From The Ashes

By: Andrew Bills
Length: 129 pages
Release date: Jul 15, 2013
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This book is about recovery, inner healing, deliverance and restoration as it reveals the keys towards overcoming fear, conquering obstacles, moving beyond your wounded past and walking in the favor of God through Jesus Christ. It will awaken your soul and guide you towards victorious Christian Living.

It’s here that you’ll learn that “the hardest spot in life can also become the place of new revelation or a new beginning in your life.”

Up from a homeless, jobless, backslidden, convicted & divorced position, The Lord forgave and placed His Hand upon his life & took him from the “pit” to having a thriving global ministry. Now, Pastor Andrew Bills presents this inspiring book which is a series of ageless biblical principles and spiritual truths that NO BELIEVER SHOULD BE WITHOUT!

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