[Download] University of Chicago Law Review: Volume 80, Number 2 - Spring 2013 By University of Chicago Law Review

University of Chicago Law Review: Volume 80, Number 2 - Spring 2013

By: University of Chicago Law Review
Length: 858 pages
Release date: Jun 28, 2013
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The University of Chicago Law Review's second issue of 2013 features articles and essays from internationally recognized legal and policy scholars. Contents include:

Article, "Property Lost in Translation," by Abraham Bell & Gideon Parchomovsky
Article, "Tiers of Scrutiny in Enumerated Powers Jurisprudence," by Aziz Z. Huq
Article, "State and Federal Models of the Interaction between Statutes and Unwritten Law," by Caleb Nelson
Article, "Our Electoral Exceptionalism," by Nicholas O. Stephanopoulos
Essay, "Reverse Advisory Opinions," by Neal Devins & Saikrishna B. Prakash
Review Essay, "The Inescapability of Constitutional Theory," by Erwin Chemerinsky (reviewing a new book by Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III)
Comment, "Amongst the 'Waives': Whether Sovereign Immunity for Contractual Damages Is Waived under the Public Vessels Act or the Suits in Admiralty Act," by Maria A. Lanahan

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