[Download] Unholy Pictures By Thomas Maciocha

Unholy Pictures

By: Thomas Maciocha
Length: 564 pages
Release date: Jan 1, 1959
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The owner (Ira Rumkowski) of a small bookstore in St. Petersburg, Florida is murdered. He was in his late sixties, had no known enemies, no wealth to speak of, and was well liked and respected in the community. The murder is professionally done. Why him?
Ira's good friend is a detective with SPPD.
The detective (Rocco) is approached a few days after the murder by an acquaintance of the victim who works at the Holocaust Museum in St. Pete. She tells the detective that Ira was looking into artwork that may have been stolen from his mother in World War II.
During the war, three significant SS officers worked in the Nazi “art confiscation” unit. Their stolen artwork and the murder in Florida become intertwined in a race for justice that moves across Europe and the United States.

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