[Download] Under a Pacific Sun By DC Musgrove

Under a Pacific Sun

By: DC Musgrove
Length: 489 pages
Release date: Apr 5, 2013
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It is the late 1940’s, in the war torn Philippine islands. Richard “Gunner” McQuaid, a former U.S. Marine fighter pilot, is haunted by the recent horrors of battle during WWII in the Pacific.
Hoping to escape to a more peaceful way of life, he opens an air cargo business on the sleepy tropical island of Lubang. Also hoping for a more tranquil lifestyle, he is joined by two other expatriates, Mattie Adams, a pretty British war widow who runs the General Store in Lubang Village and James “Doc” McCawley, a widowed British Navy surgeon, at the Lubang Village hospital.

All is quiet after the cessation of hostilities in the Pacific and for a brief period of time, life indeed seems idyllic. Until they suddenly run afoul of a vicious band of criminals, trafficking drugs and enslaved young island girls; heirs to a century old legacy of the most feared and powerful pirate queen in the history of the South China Sea. Their struggle becomes personal when the pirates target McQuaid and Kiko, an adopted nine year old island girl, on orders from the notorious Madam Chin, who controls the Flower Boat prostitution business along Hong Kong’s Aberdeen Harbor with an iron fist.

And, if life hadn’t become treacherous enough, McQuaid and friends discover they have stumbled into the path of a secret Chinese conspiracy to gain control over the war shattered island nations of the Far East. Suddenly, they find themselves in a fight for their lives and only “Gunner” McQuaid can save them. That is, if he is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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