[Download] Tumor Board Review By Robert F. Todd

Tumor Board Review

By: Robert F. Todd
Length: 1,141 pages
Release date: Jan 1, 2011
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Tumor Board Review utilizes the knowledge and expertise of oncology specialists to enhance learning the practice of oncology. Each of the 32 chapters follows a uniform format: a concise summary of the epidemiology, risk factors, natural history, and pathology of each major organ-specific tumor type; an abbreviated display of the relevant staging (generally based on the American Joint Commission on Cancer [AJCC] Staging, 7th Edition); and several "tumor board-style" illustrative patient case summaries (representative of major stage categories of each tumor), each followed by an evidence-based case discussion which reviews the current guidelines and rationale for the diagnostic and therapeutic steps taken. Algorithms and decision tree graphics are used extensively to provide visual support of the decision process.

The combination of case presentations and evidence-based management discussions make this volume a unique tool for keeping current with clinical guidelines and provides the reader with a clear understanding of applications of new information for use in daily practice. The case presentations and authoritative discussions make Tumor Board Review a valuable resource for board study and self-assessment. Features of Tumor Board Review Include:

  • Comprehensive coverage of all areas of oncology
  • Presentation of most recent guidelines and management standards in concise, user-friendly format
  • In-depth "tumor board" presentations showing clear clinical applications
  • Special focus on indications and use of new drugs, and treatment of new side effects
  • Extensive use of algorithms
  • Color atlas section of pathology photomicrographs

;Preface, Contributors, 1. Head and Neck Cancer, Irina Y. Dobrosotskaya and Francis P. Worden 2. Thyroid Cancer, Kevin McDonnell and Megan Rist Haymart 3. Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Kathleen E. Bickel, Baskaram Sundaram, Stuart M. Knoepp, Collette M. Hodges, and Nithya Ramnath 4. Small Cell Lung Cancer, Igor I. Rybkin and Gregory P. Kalemkerian 5. Breast Cancer, Aihua Edward Yen, Michelina M. Cairo, and Mothaffar F. Rimawi 6. Esophageal Cancer, David Shepard and Susan Urba 7. Gastric Cancer, Eduardo Vilar and Mark M. Zalupski 8. Pancreatic Cancer, Ahmed A. Eid and Dongxin Liu 9. Neuroendocrine Tumors, Mariela Blum and Garrett R. Lynch 10. Hepatobiliary Cancers, Ahmed Awais and Paul Zhang 11. Colorectal Cancer, Yvonne Sada and Benjamin Musher 12. Anal Canal Carcinoma, Muhammad Anas Tarakji and Elizabeth Yu Chiao 13. Prostate Cancer, Jingsong Zhang, Kathleen A. Cooney, and Maha H. Hussain 14. Testicular Carcinoma, Diego Bedoya and Martha Pritchett Mims 15. Kidney Cancer, Jenny J. Kim and Bruce G. Redman 16. Bladder Cancer, Colin J. Mooney and David C. Smith 17. Cervical Cancer, Shan Guo, Marian Yvette Williams-Brown, and Concepcion R. Diaz-Arrasti 18. Uterine Cancer, Atisha Manhas and Matthew L. Anderson 19. Ovarian Cancer, Karen McLean and Ronald J. Buckanovich 20. Melanoma, Kevin McDonnell and Christopher D. Lao 21. Bone Sarcoma, Vera Maranci and Scott M. Schuetze 22. Soft Tissue Sarcoma, Dawit Aregawi and Rashmi Chugh 23. Primary Brain Tumors, Janet Wang and Pamela New 24. Cancer of Unknown Primary, Yuval Raizen and Gerald S. Cyprus 25. Hodgkin Lymphoma, Polly Niravath and Catherine M. Bollard 26. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Michelina Cairo, A. Edward Yen, and Helen E. Heslop 27. Multiple Myeloma, Kevin McDonnell and Andrzej J. Jakubowiak 28. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Naval G. Daver and Mark M. Udden 29. Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, Mohsen
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