[Download] Tulane By Tony Masero


By: Tony Masero
Length: 176 pages
Release date: Sep 23, 2013
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Dakota Territory 1878
It is an eerie mountain range that encloses the isolated religious community of Catastrophe. Hidden deep amongst the forested slopes a monstrous threat is at large that brings horror and death in its wake.
Lone gunman Wade Tulane, in whose Irish blood an uncanny hero’s inheritance runs, is called on the find the lost daughter of one of the community’s leaders.
As Tulane is immersed deeper into the unusual life of the town, where liaisons are encouraged with passing strangers and considered a prerequisite for the group’s survival after the loss of the younger menfolk, he comes up against a dubious trader and his gunmen.
Whilst Granito Sane has his own agenda in dealing with the town, Tulane goes underground in search of the young woman, it is not only a fortune in gold that he discovers but a squalid and evil presence backed by an army of dark acolytes.
They have one mission and the black crows that circle Catastrophe are the harbingers of the deadly battle that will call on all of Tulane’s death dealing abilities if he is to save the town.

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