[Download] Trifariam, The Lost Codex By Diego Rodriguez

Trifariam, The Lost Codex

By: Diego Rodriguez
Length: 689 pages
Release date: Sep 9, 2013
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Do we know, or think we know, the truth about all those mysteries which surround us? Why does our society take so much time to evolve? Do secret organizations really hold so much influence? Do you want to know the truth?

1497 AD

Simone Di Benedetto is abbot of the Campanile Monastery and the last Grand Master of a secret society which was founded in back in the age of Ancient Egypt. He produces a manuscript which contains all the knowledge inherited from his ancestors and hands it over, together with a set of very precise instructions, to a monk before being brutally murdered. He claims that the book hides the last remains of an ancient secret that will save us from the coming apocalypse, but whose very existence would shake up the uppermost echelons of power.

Five hundred years later, James Oldrich, expert in History of Art and the future president of Columbia University, discovers an old book with a chilling symbol on the cover. It is written in an unfathomable language, and the manner in which it has been hidden is even more baffling. With the help of Mary, a professional archaeologist, and his inseparable friend Richard, a world-renowned paleographer, he soon becomes embroiled in a thrilling adventure which will take them to the most mysterious places on Earth. A race against time begins when they discover messages hidden in the brilliant works of Michelangelo, in the walls of one of the most significant archbasilicas in Rome, and in the heart of Washington, the Masonic city par excellence. They will need all to use all their ingenuity and knowledge to solve the puzzles that have been set for them, eventually leading them to unravel the best kept secrets of the pyramids of Giza and Teotihuacan, as well as the Bermuda Triangle, Stonehenge and Chichen Itza.

They must try to slot together all the pieces of the jigsaw as quickly as possible, because they are not alone in their adventure. They must contend with two assassins on the payroll of the most influential secret organization on the planet, the members of which are the true owners of the world. They will have to hurry – the end of time is drawing ever closer.

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