[Download] Touch of Desire By Susan Spencer Paul

Touch of Desire

By: Susan Spencer Paul
Length: 449 pages
Release date: Dec 3, 2013
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My Dearest Reader,

For as long as I can remember, my life has been a solitary one. Do not think me a pitiable recluse, for, as the Earl of Graymar, I have taken my place in Society when I must, and enjoyed both the company and pleasure of desirable lovers. But as the Great Sorcerer, or Dewin Mawr, as magic mortals call me, I have always believed that my destiny and the duty I owe to all those who possess unique powers, has precluded love, marriage, and true companionship. I was resigned to my lonely fate. Until now…

Sarah Tamony is unlike any mere mortal woman I have ever known. Passionate and bold, she has heard the whispers about my people and discovered that I belong to an ancient Welsh clan descended from magic. Yet the dark secrets of magic mortals seem to hold no terror for her—instead she asks to know more, even seeks to reveal the truth in the popular tales she spins. This I cannot allow. For centuries, my kind has striven to maintain our privacy, fearful of what might happen if our powers should be exposed to the world.

Sarah has learned a great deal about magic, but there is still much she does not know, and dangers she cannot fathom…dangers that grow closer every day. Her lightest touch ignites a deep hunger in me, and her love is a prize I would risk my life to own…for she has already stolen my soul…

Your obedient servant,
Malachi Seymour, Castle Glain Tarran, Wales

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