[Download] Tornado Gold By W.E. Powelson

Tornado Gold

By: W.E. Powelson
Length: 230 pages
Release date: Sep 14, 2013
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Adventure and unanticipated fortunes await Sally Trof and her two boys one hot Saturday afternoon in June of 1991. Reeling from a bad marriage to a womanizing over-the-road trucker; Sally and the boys have taken refuge at their recently inherited family farm in South Draw,Texas. They're nearly broke. The family trio retreats to the inherited farm after the passing of Sally's parents. It's the only option they have. ~~

South Draw, Texas is just a gully or an arroyo in the middle of nowhere. It is a ravine in the Panhandle of Texas with a small farm and 500 acres, about 60 miles (as the crow flies) southeast of Amarillo. But, South Draw, Texas also harbors numerous lost secrets of an ancient and forgotten past.
Menacing dark clouds form on a hot and sweltering summer afternoon, as a devastating tornado takes aim at the desolate farm house without warning. It momentarily shatters Sally and her boy’s final hopes for a comfortable survival and existence on the north Texas plains.

Shag, the family dog, a Border Collie, saves the day as he leads them into an adventure that brings one amazing surprise after another. They are joined and bonded with their nearest neighbors to the northeast as circumstances shape the futures of both broken families. What appears at first glance to be a ration of very bad luck brings unanticipated prosperity and happiness to both families. It's a family rated, Disneyesque tale that unravels the lingering mysteries of (Buzzard Bait) Zeke McBride's lost fortunes in gold Double Eagles.
Bud McGurd and his two daughters are their nearest neighbors to the northeast, As the McGurd family comes to the aid of the Trof family, both broken families bond and merge into one very unique single family. Together they unravel the mysteries of a lost cave; a skeletal inhabitant; hoards of lost gold and a plethora of long forgotten history.

Just as they think they’ve discovered it all, a little entrepreneurial-fortitude and curiosity leads them to discover more and more.

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