[Download] TLA Film and Video Guide 2000-2001: The Discerning Film Lover's Guide By Macmillan Publishers

TLA Film and Video Guide 2000-2001: The Discerning Film Lover's Guide

By: Macmillan Publishers
Length: 4,835 pages
Release date: Dec 3, 2013
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The TLA Film & Video Guide is the absolutely indispensable guide for the true lover of cinema. By focusing on independent and international films, and avoiding much of the made-for-TV/made-for-cable/made-for-video dreck, this guide offers more comprehensive coverage of the films the reader may actually want to see. It also features:
* Over 9,500 films reviewed
* Five comprehensive indexes -- by star, director, theme, genre, and country of origin
* Over 450 photos
* A listing of all the major film awards
* A comprehensive selection of International Cinema from over 50 countries
From one of the finest names in video retailing and a growing rental chain comes the latest edition of the film & video guide - now expanded to include titles available on DVD - that's perfect for everyone whose taste ranges from Pulp Fiction to Pink Flamingos, from Life is Beautiful to Valley of the Dolls.

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