[Download] Timelock By R.G. Knighton


By: R.G. Knighton
Length: 507 pages
Release date: Oct 1, 1998
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (110 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

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Midnight November 16th 1986

Deep underground in the gothic vaults of a world renowned British university, a close knit group of friends conduct a bizarre and dangerous paranormal experiment.
The intent is to open a portal and prove existence of the afterlife. However disaster strikes and a swarm of tortured souls are released back into the living world.
Plagued by a series of gory supernatural hauntings, the group are challenged by a purgatorial guardian of the afterlife to end the horror by repeating the experiment and return the spirits of the dead back where they belong.
Unfortunately one of them has no intention of coming back, the malevolent mage spirit of an ancient Egyptian necromancer named Toomak.
Tortured to death in a gruesome execution thousands of years ago, she cursed all of mankind and vowed to raise hell on earth.
The undead sorceress has searched through the millennia for the mythical amulet of the ancients and now armed with its power intends make good her curse.
Blessed with a satanic rebirth, Toomak travels back through time hell-bent on tipping the balance between good and evil. To succeed she must by take the life of young Jesus of Nazareth which in turn will completely destroy the Christian faith.
Once again the small group of friends are called upon by the guardian, this time to save mankind. Do they have what it takes to travel back into the past and defeat the ultimate evil, or will Toomak change the course of history and release the Antichrist?
Only time will tell.

A full-on action and adventure following one central character as she wreaks gory havoc across three-thousand years in a fast paced time travel horror.

“Timelock gets my highest recommendation and will easily make my Top 10 List of best books I’ve read in 2013” -- Toptenbookreview.com

“R.G. Knighton is a rare writer -- I believe he is a natural talent. He commands a razor-edged wit and a wonderful sense of sardonic irony. His ability to place ordinary people into extraordinary situations is what gives this book a breezy kind of power that doesn't pretend to be anything but sheer entertainment. Devilishly clever, nutty, bloody, gory, funny and fun.”
5 stars -- Ken Korczak

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