[Download] Throne of Llewyllan (The Chronicles of Zanthora: Book Two) By Ben Cassidy

Throne of Llewyllan (The Chronicles of Zanthora: Book Two)

By: Ben Cassidy
Length: 276 pages
Release date: Sep 9, 2013
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Having escaped the dangers of the bandit-infested Howling Woods, Kendril and his companions find themselves guests of honor in the small nation of Llewyllan. But he and his companions soon find that the glittering palace rooms of Llewyllan can be as just as perilous as the murky depths of the Howling Woods. When a conspiracy is discovered in the capital city of Balneth, Kendril lands himself right in the middle of an attempt to overthrow the government.

Now scheming nobles, a treacherous witch, and an army of screaming barbarians are just the beginning of Kendril’s problems. For underneath the chaos in Balneth lies the work of dark powers, forces which seek the overthrow of Llewyllan for their own purposes.

But to save the kingdom, Kendril finds he must make the hardest choice of all. He must give up the woman he loves.

If, that is, he survives at all...

A thrilling, action-packed fantasy adventure tale, Throne of Llewyllan is Book Two in the Chronicles of Zanthora, and continues the unfolding story of Kendril and the coming of the Fourth War of Despair.

Cover designed by Robert Worl.

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