[Download] Thriving in Turbulent Times: A Practical Guide for Alleviating Stress and Elevating Perspective, Purpose & Passion By John J. Bush

Thriving in Turbulent Times: A Practical Guide for Alleviating Stress and Elevating Perspective, Purpose & Passion

By: John J. Bush
Length: 210 pages
Release date: Dec 14, 2013
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“A powerful and simple set of tools to help you thrive in every aspect of life. No matter how difficult the challenges and hardships you face, the profound practices taught in this book will change your life for the better.”
--Dr. Matt Townsend, Sirius/XM Radio Show Host and Author of Starved Stuff: Feeding the 7 Basic Needs of Healthy Relationships

On this journey of life we all struggle at times with internal interference--such as fear, self-doubt, stress, and overwhelm--which can sap our energy and block us from tapping into our inner greatness. This book is about a simple, yet powerful set of tools that will help you identify and remove the interference so that you can connect with your gifts and talents and perform at your best.

Over the last 20 years, John Bush has taught personal development workshops to a wide audience ranging from college students to corporate executives to couples striving to improve their marriage. Through these varied teaching and coaching experiences he noticed that when we are facing challenging times and stressful situations our internal interference usually escalates making it more difficult to see and think clearly. The practices in this book can help you be calm and clear on the inside so you can thrive--even while the storms rage outside.

These transformational tools will help you:
1) Overcome adversity
2) Alleviate stress in your life
3) Increase your energy and mental clarity
4) Improve your overall health
5) Identify and remove stumbling blocks that are holding you back
6) Elevate your perspective, purpose, and passion
7) Tap into your inner greatness.

When Michelangelo was carving the statue of David he said, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it. I saw the angel in the marble and carved to set him free.” Similarly, the tools and practices in this book are designed to help you carve away the rough edges so that you can set yourself free.

Author’s Note: While this book is designed to be a self-improvement guide, it is also intended to be a resource for coaches, teachers, organizational leaders, managers, parents, doctors, counselors, therapists--anyone who is looking to help others get to higher ground.

What people are saying about Thriving in Turbulent Times:
“I loved this book. Thriving in Turbulent Times provides the step-by-step processes and tools to deal with stress, tragedy and the other challenges which we all eventually face in life. For anyone struggling, this book is a road map to a better life.”
--Mark B.

“You know you have read a great book when you can’t stop thinking of all the people in your life who need a book like this.”
--Grace N.

“By applying the tools and techniques in this book I have seen great miracles occur in the lives of my own family. This book can change the world one individual at a time, just like it has for each member of my family. I would recommend this book to everyone!"
--Don F.

“I received more help from this book then all my years of counseling and AA meetings combined.”
--Joseph P.

“I'm so happy to have found this book. It will not only change the lives of those who read it, but it is a great resource for therapists, practitioners, coaches, and even workplace leaders. As a Life Coach, I personally have plans to give it to every single person I work with. It will change their lives!”
--Janet F.

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