[Download] This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection By Carol Burnett

This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection

By: Carol Burnett
Narrated by: Carol Burnett
Length: 5 hours
Release date: Apr 6, 2010
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (237 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)

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This touching and hilarious memoir is 100 percent Carol Burnett -- funny, irreverent, and irresistible.

Carol Burnett is one of the most beloved and revered actresses and performers in America. The Carol Burnett Show was seen each week by millions of adoring fans and won twenty-five Emmys in its remarkable eleven-year run. Now, in This Time Together, Carol really lets her hair down and tells one funny or touching or memorable story after another.

In engaging anecdotes, Carol discusses her remarkable friendships with stars such at Jimmy Stewart, Lucille Ball, Cary Grant, and Julie Andrews; the background behind famous scenes, like the moment she swept down the stairs in her curtain-rod dress in the legendary "Went With the Wind" skit; and things that would happen only to Carol--the prank with Julie Andrews that went wrong in front of the First Lady; the famous Tarzan Yell that saved her during a mugging; and the time she faked a wooden leg to get served in a famous ice cream emporium.

This poignant look back allows us to cry with the actress during her sorrows, rejoice in her successes, and finally, always, to laugh.

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70 Responses to “[Download] This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection By Carol Burnett”

  1. Helen

    Now I want to buy DVDs of her old shows
    This was such an entertaining book, and Carol’s narration really makes a difference. It is fun to hear her describe some of her old skits since I can remember seeing them when they were originally aired. You feel like you are reminiscing with an old friend. A superb book!

  2. Shanita Loring

    Love Carol Burnett!
    Would you consider the audio edition of This Time Together to be better than the print version?

  3. Ronna

    The Queen of Comedy
    I think Carol had the best variety show on TV there ever was. It was always a “family event” when the Carol Burnett Show was on. The whole family would laugh and it was a special time in my life. I truly enjoyed Carol sharing and reading her rise to fame. She is a great women!

  4. Rashida Mahula

    A Laugh Out Loud Listen!
    Would you listen to This Time Together again? Why?

  5. Judy Cocco

    Great listen full of laughter & tears!
    If you could sum up This Time Together in three words, what would they be?

  6. Wilber Uscio

    Would you listen to This Time Together again? Why?

  7. Jeffry Kolenda

    Funny and heart warming.
    Would you listen to This Time Together again? Why?

  8. paula

    Have loved CB but very disappointed!
    What would have made This Time Together better?

  9. Ouida Hammerstad

    Listening to a friend
    I have always loved her comedy, and now I know more about how she got there. Listening to this book felt like having a friend sitting in your living room, relating tales of the times of their life. I laughed alot, I teared up a little. A must read for any long time fan.

  10. Cristy S.

    It’s a bunch of short (2-7 minutes) anecdotes in chronological order. Overall the book is superficial and indulgent with all the celebrity stories. It wasn’t drudgery, but it wasn’t engrossing and rewarding either.

  11. MMW

    If I was still living in the US I would have gone to one of Carol’s Q&A nights. This was almost as wonderful as spending the evening with her. Thank you, Carol, for everything!

  12. Richard Sean

    Get ready to smile for 5 1/2 hours!
    If you loved the Carol Burnett Show, you will love this book. Carol, no surprise, does a terrific narration, sharing some laugh out loud moments and very interesting stories of how she began in the business. One of my favorite stories involved Tim Conway and a sheep. I will say no more. Plus, hearing the inside scoop on the famous “Gone With The Wind” knock-off scene was such fun!

  13. James Bell

    We really do share this time
    Carol Burnett truly does speak to you as she reads her book. I feel as though we’re friends who’ve shared laughs and tears. I missed seeing her in person last night at Proctors Theatre; I’ll always regret not having taken advantage of the opportunity.

  14. Customer

    If you love carol burnett!!!
    Each morning when I walk my dog, I listen to a book. I love Carol Burnett, so I loved listening to her narrate her story. She explains her life, and I enjoyed hearing it. The book is not a great novel, but a simple story about Carol. I was glad to spend time with her. She is a terrific person. Her TV show lifted up America. We need her back.

  15. Glenda Sannicolas

    A Class Act
    Any additional comments?

  16. Bill Cortijo

    All emotions explored! Definitely recommended!
    I loved listening to this audio book written/read by Carol Burnett and look forward to listening to it again and again.

    I have had this for quite awhile and never felt like getting into it before, because I had listened to a VERY short bit back when I got it and felt it was quite boring. I had not listened much past the introduction and it wasn’t “funny” (yet) like I had imagined and desired at the time. I obviously did not give it the chance it totally deserved.

    “This Time Together” is like sitting in a room of a handful of friends listening to Carol Burnett chatting about her career, friendships with some fellow legendary stars we all know and love, as well as a few poignant times in her life. I was laughing most of the time, but also experienced a short time of all-out tears. It was worth the tears, however, to hear of the beautiful, yet heart-wrenching stories that let you see a bit of Carol Burnett’s compassionate personality.

    I truly enjoyed listening to Carol Burnett as she told her unforgettable stories. I strongly recommend this book in whatever form you can get your hands on.

  17. Linda

    Didn’t realize how much I missed Carol.
    Where does This Time Together rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

  18. Amanda R.

    I laughed a lot, and cried a little too
    This was very well done. Carol Burnett is so warm and funny and positive. My boyfriend even enjoyed the excerpts he heard, so much so that he bought this audiobook for his mother for Christmas. The stories are told slightly out of order, but it’s not a bother. She’s never inappropriate, and the stories are universally appealing, so you can listen no matter who’s with you. I have never seen an episode of the Carol Burnett show, but after hearing this book, I would love to find that old show. This is a truly talented lady with a truly remarkable story. I really enjoyed this read.

  19. Devona Bidez

    Tears of a Clown
    Where does This Time Together rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

  20. Jacques Harmond

    Wonderful time together with Carol Burnett.
    Wise and witty woman who made me laugh and remember when the whole family watched TV together – because of Carol Burnett

  21. Buffalo Bill

    I have been a fan of Carol for forty years.
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  22. Joy Spraycar

    A must have for Carol Burnett lovers everywhere.
    if you enjoyed watching the Carol Burnett show, you’ll love hearing all the behind the scenes stories.

  23. Susan

    I just love her.
    What made the experience of listening to This Time Together the most enjoyable?

  24. Ariel Maupins

    A read by the author makes it that much better.
    Would you consider the audio edition of This Time Together to be better than the print version?

  25. Lavada J.

    Carol Burnett is the Consummate Entertainer
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  26. Ailene B.

    Laugh out loud Funny!!
    I had the best time cleaning, listening with my ear buds in to Carol tell me her story. She is my friend, or at least it feels like it!! Thank you Carol for all the lovely times we’ve had together!!

  27. S. Friday

    Loved it!
    As a kid, I watched Carol Burnett’s TV show every week with my mom. Listening to Carol talk about the show, her life outside of the show, and folks she met and worked with was just wonderful. Her book (and narration) made me feel like she was sitting with me in my living room, regaling me with lots of funny, charming, or touching stories. Anecdotes about Lucille Ball, Tim Conway, Joan Crawford, and others had me laughing out loud. Normally, I listen to my books when I’m out walking or doing housework, but this is one book where I took it in the car and listened, too.

  28. Meghan Simonelli

    If you love Carol Burnett (and who doesn’t?!) then you’ll enjoy spending this time with her.

  29. Terra R.

    And we’re glad we had this time together too
    Based on the question and answer segments she used to do in her shows, this is a series of anecdotes, most of them humorous, but some bittersweet. Ranging from her upbringing and breakthrough on Broadway to capsule character studies of some of the important cast members and guest stars on her show, this book will invoke fond memories of her tv show and update you on her life since. And no one could do a better job narrating the book than she does. If you loved the show, you’ll love the book. And if you don’t remember the show, get it for someone in your family who does.

  30. Chanel M.

    Great book
    I loved it alll.. I loved carol reading it.. so much more personal !!!
    It was funny.. entertaining and I learned a little bit about Carol

  31. Johnie Polkinghorn

    If you are a fan of Carol’s you love this reading
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  32. Cuc Mcdonalds

    Best in show business
    This audiobook is a real treasure. Spoken by Carol Burnett it means so much more and makes the listener really appreciate the honesty with which she shares her life. I’m so glad we had this time together.

  33. Jean-Marie

    Like listening to an old friend
    I really enjoyed this. Having grown up watching the “Carol Burnett Show” it was great to hear some of the behind the scene stories as well as some of her family life. I had read Carol’s first autobiography “One More Time” years ago when it first came out and I loved it. “This Time Together” is not exactly a memoir. It’s more like sitting around the kitchen table with an old family friend listening as they tell stories of their life; some are hilarious, some are scary, some tragic. Of course this was made all the better because Carol herself did the narration. Not only do we get to hear the Tarzan yell, but we also get the story behind it! Highly recommended.

  34. Florencia Neja

    Carol reads Carol Burnett This Time Together!
    What made the experience of listening to This Time Together the most enjoyable?

  35. Ollie Plowden

    A great book and she narrated it.
    What did you love best about This Time Together?

  36. Raymond Sopczak

    Love this book
    Would you consider the audio edition of This Time Together to be better than the print version?

  37. Karl Wellnitz

    I loved spending time together with Carol
    If you could sum up This Time Together in three words, what would they be?

  38. Raymundo M.

    Love It!
    This is such a wonderful and funny book. Carol’s sense of humor is, as always, most excellent. I laughed my way through the book. A great listen!

  39. Cedric Hagebusch

    Great trip down memory lane!
    I enjoyed this book. It was great that it was even read by Carol Burnett herself! I watched the Carol Burnett show in my younger days and always enjoyed the comedy and interaction between the cast of this show. It was nice hearing some of the back story and some of the strange goings on behind the scenes. The book was a mixtures of good times and bad times of Carol’s career. Mostly good and funny times, but with a sprinkle of harsh reality thrown in to keep you grounded. It was not a tell-all who was sleeping with who book, so if that is what you are looking for … keep looking, this isn’t it!

  40. Porter Zakes

    Wonderful Story
    This is a wonderful story, funny and sad, but mostly endearing. Thank you Ms. Burnett for sharing your story.

  41. Myles S.

    not for me
    I was excited when I saw the listing for the book and all the positive reviews. I’m a pretty big fan of CB and almost all the reviews spoke about how the book was so funny. I was at a loss. I stopped about half way through after only finding a few of the story’s amusing at best. I would not recommend this book.

  42. Dwayne Brojakowski

    How can you not love Carol!
    Lovely memories told by a wonderful and wonderfully funny woman. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

  43. Annie

    Very entertaining, not hilarious
    I ended up really enjoying this, but at first I thought it was a little slow. I have a bit of an obsession with celebrity memoirs and have read some really great, funny ones, and this wasn’t laugh-out-loud, but there are some sweet stories. Carol Burnett’s reading is nice and soothing, and it was good for a long car trip and for listening before bed.

  44. Pasty Kietzer

    Pretty boring. I expect better from Carol.
    Not funny at all which is what’s expected from Carol. Disappointing. Sounds like very old, commonly recited stories.

  45. Leonel Estell

    Fully enjoyed listening
    I had just ordered the “Lost episodes” dvds and saw this book so while I waited to receive my dvds decided to listen. So glad I did this was a great personal interaction that made watching the shows so much more fun. To see not just the performance but to have a small view of the people themselves and what was going on behind the scenes enhanced everything. Carol sounds like a wonderful caring person and I loved her upbeat but realistic attitude. I am so glad she shared this story and loved hearing it in her voice

  46. Donald

    Great Read
    What did you love best about This Time Together?

  47. Sheree Ghelfi

    Enjoyable but not memorable
    Fairly light biography with lots of stories that Burnett’s fans will enjoy. I like her work but thought the book was a little dated with too many references to how great the original show and cast were….after a while, it just gets boring.

  48. Tiesha Gillock

    Funny lady
    Would you consider the audio edition of This Time Together to be better than the print version?

  49. Ivory Strekas

    A Great and Fun Read
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  50. Greg Arcoraci

    Love Carol, Loved Her Book
    I grew up watching Carol Burnett. I first saw her back on the Garry Moore Show in the ’60’s. My friends and I would imitate her and the other characters on the show, and laugh our heads off. I am still laughing my head off at Carol Burnett. It was rewarding to hear her reveal things about her life that had to be painful, or embarrassing, or personal. She has always been like that, though, willing to put it all out there. “Love me or don’t love me, but what you see is what you get.” Well, Carol, we love you. Thank you for sharing yourself with America for so many years. Thank you for making us laugh and helping us forget our own troubles, if even for a few minutes. You are a part of us. This country is better off for having had you in it.

  51. Kasi Trentinella

    A trip down TV memory lane.
    This was a very enjoyable book. It is composed mainly of funny anecdotes from her early days and throughout her variety show. There are however several emotionally moving stories, specifically those dealing with her childhood, growing up with her grandmother and the loss of her daughter. Reading this book brought back many memories from my childhood. I spent many a Saturday night watching the Carol Burnett show. Who can forget Carol, Harvey Korman & Vicky Lawrence and how they would all crack up on camera at Tim Conway, though I haven’t seen the show in years, I remember many of the sketches she mentions. Especially the “Gone with the Wind” sketch. If you were a kid from the 70’s like me, before the days of cable and satellite TV then you probably seen spent Saturday night with her too. I have no doubt you enjoy reading this just as much as I did.

  52. Rolf C.

    This is an enjoyable and beautiful story! Couldn’t put it down . I felt like I was right there with Carol Burnett! Loved it!

  53. Blanch Henretta

    Better in print I’m Sure
    I thought there would be some laugh out loud moments. Actually many, but I didn’t have one. I like Carol Burnette and her life was interesting. I’m sure it would have been a good read, just not entertaining in audiobook.

  54. Homer Warrender

    Love Carol, but this was only adequate.
    Is there anything you would change about this book?

  55. Maximo Banter

    Fun listen
    Wonderful to hear great stories both hysterical and moving from Ms. Burnett herself. Thank you ma’am for a great book and the wonderful memories I have of your show.

  56. Derrick M.

    Really great memoir!!
    I love Carol Burnett growing up, and listening to her stories really brought back a lot of childhood memories. She is a great narrator and the stories she tells will keep you laughing and crying.

  57. Anne

    Like visiting with Carol
    The author is not the world’s best narrator, but since Carol Burnett is reading her own memoir, and since her voice is so well known to those of us who love her, having her narrate is like sitting down with her to reminisce. Wonfderful book.

  58. Marry W.

    My face hurts from laughing through much of this book. The overly emotional parts made me tear up. Carol Burnett is most certainly a national treasure.

  59. Antione Edie

    Easy fun bio!
    Carol is a great orator and made this book very interesting, funny and easy to listen to. A remarkable life story she has!!

  60. Spencer

    Loved it.
    I used to watch Carol’s show back in the 70s when I was just a kid. It was a highlight of the week for our family… I also loved her in several film roles, including Miss Hannigan from Annie. I have always admired her and her timeless sense of humor.

    I enjoyed her reading very much… I laughed a lot, and got a little misty when she spoke about her daughter… I was touched that she so honestly read this part with so much obvious emotion.

    I’m so glad I bought this book. Thanks, Carol.

  61. Kathleen H.

    I grew up watching the Carol Burnett Show, so it was interesting to hear these stories. Carol is a natural story teller. Every story was well written, interesting and funny; with one or two that were a little sad. You can really get a sense for what a genuine and warm person Carol Burnett really is. I loved the stories about actors/entertainers helping each other. I would recommend this book to anyone. But the very best part of this audiobook is that you get to hear Carol tell her own stories in her own words. It’s like sitting next to her. After hearing this entire book, I can say: this woman is my friend. (You have to hear the stories to know what that means).

  62. Karissa Mauriello

    A thoroughly good listen
    What did you like best about this story?

  63. Sebastian Dulak

    Absolutely fantastic
    I loved all the memories and the fact she was reading it made it come alive !! I will listen to it again and again.

  64. Erwin P.

    Her stories are priceless
    Carol speaks in such a way that it transforms into a mental video of heartwarming humor and heartbreaking emotion. She is talent wrapped in goodness. What a sweet spirit and treasure to us all. I look forward to her Netflix show.

  65. Freida Morence

    Love Carol Burnett!
    This is another memoir that would not have made the same impact if read by anyone but the author. I am not sure I would have liked the book as much if I had read it the traditional way! You can read about Carol doing her Tarzan yell or you can actually hear her do it. It is just not the same! I loved Carol growing up and still do. She is an American icon. I cannot express how much I loved this book!

  66. Olin A.

    Love this book!
    It’s Carol Burnett talking about her own stories, what’s not to love?! I needed a funny book after finally finishing an agonizingly long and depressing book… and THIS was great! It was SO great that I finished it in one sitting… I wish it was longer. I absolutely adore Carol and there is just no way I’d get this book as a regular paper back when I could have her voice, her laugh & her Tarzan yell in audiobook form.

  67. Judy Thompson

    Loved it
    So refreshing, real and funny! Carol is a gem and great that it was read by her! Thanks for sharing your stories !

  68. Felix K.

    Loved, Loved, Loved this book
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  69. Renaldo Kothenbeutel

    It’s rare to have an audiobook that will have you crying with laughter. And then heartfelt empathy for this tragedy that her life has known. A life well lived. And a story exquisitely told.

  70. Lashonda Dewolff

    I’m a fan
    I’ve been a fan since I was a little girl so it was interesting for me. The book was a little slow in places but I enjoyed it, especially the “behind the scenes” stories.

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