[Download] Thirteen Short Stories By Robert F Brien

Thirteen Short Stories

By: Robert F Brien
Length: 123 pages
Release date: Oct 20, 2013
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Thirteen short stories to entice you to take more than the specified dose of one at bedtime. Twelve short stories on a variety of subjects, from romance to science fiction, from bank robbery to infidelity, each with a twist in the tail to satisfy the most discerning reader. Eternally Yours tells of unwanted, but insistent, love in the hot climes of the Middle East, while Autumn Shades suggests the possibility of a second chance of life when death arrives too early. What about speeding up one’s metabolism to make the hours pass in seconds? It would make everyone else’s pace seem painfully slow - but it could be dangerous, as Life in the Fast Lane shows. Thinking of experiencing a fake miracle to fool the authorities? Don’t - as Miracle at Knock clearly suggests. Ever thought of a brilliant way to fool the bank? Here is the answer, in Cash in Hand. Read. Enjoy

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