[Download] Their Unbridled Rivalry By Walter Jensen MD

Their Unbridled Rivalry

By: Walter Jensen MD
Length: 286 pages
Release date: Dec 13, 2013
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This remarkable story involves two competing investment advisors seeking to increase their commissions through the acquisition of new clients. Both provide outstanding investment returns using contrasting methods. Jason Gianelli is a ruthless and unethical option wizard trained in the Chicago Option pits. He utilizes devious measures, touts his 16.6% annualized investment return and criticizes the methods used by Valerie Goldin, his rival during his weekly option seminars to lure clients away from her. Actually Valerie’s investment return of 15% over the past 12 years is excellent. That’s when she started to employ VectorVest, the stock analysis system devised by the brilliant Bart DiLiddo PhD. Readers will be treated to penetrating insights into financial investment strategies.

The prolonged stress Valerie endures during her contentious rivalry with Jason contributes to a medical emergency nearly causing her death. Her physician urges her join an Integrative Medicine Center to acquire stress reduction techniques to counter Jason’s egregious actions.

Stephanie Shea is Valerie’s best friend and largest client. Together they relish the love of their two wonderful dogs, Brady and Sasha. They also experience the frightening nature of breast cancer and the perplexing aspects of autism.

Stephanie and Jason, Valerie’s nemesis, are in love and they enjoy a romantic Napa Valley California trip together. Readers will share their joy as they experience a wide variety of exciting adventures, taste incredible wines, relish fabulous cuisine, and stay in luxurious accommodations.

Their trip is marred when they witness a tragic accident. The emotional turmoil generated by this event deeply affects them and they are drawn into the hunt for the perpetuator of the crime.

As the story unfolds the reader wonders if the rivalry between Jason and Valerie can be resolved. This question is explored in a gripping and suspenseful fashion.

In searching for a meaningful life the importance of goodwill, compassion, service and the creation of enduring friendships is stressed.

The eventual quest for personal redemption and forgiveness evolves over the course of the story and leads to an unexpected and disquieting ending.

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