[Download] The Young Mike Adams By Kenneth Kerns

The Young Mike Adams

By: Kenneth Kerns
Length: 246 pages
Release date: Nov 29, 2013
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Karaoke. Brightly colored shirts. "I Voted" stickers. Prank wars and scavenger hunts. These defined the young lives of Mike and David.

They were students like any others: they rushed a fraternity, went to parties, and sometimes even went to class. Yet, they were unlikely best friends. Mike was the quiet, modest, lovesick writer. David was the popular, easy-going, and confident soccer player.

But only one of them was destined to be a U.S. Senator.

In a collection of short stories, discover the origins of a modern-day Mr. Smith long before he goes to Washington. Learn about the people and the secrets that shaped his young adulthood, and the difficult moment that decided his future.

Included are the following short stories:
The Circle
The Future Senator (presented as a teleplay)
The Second Chance
The Jitters
The Inspiration
The Hoggetowne Faire
The Reluctantly Unaffiliated
The Slate
The Idea for a Movie
The Unlikely Tie-Breaker
The Decision
The Leather-Bound Notebook
The Circle (reprise)

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