[Download] The Wilderness Years By Camille Blyth

The Wilderness Years

By: Camille Blyth
Length: 129 pages
Release date: Sep 24, 2013
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The Wilderness Years - A Parents' Survival Guide is a book that offers solace for mothers as they battle across the landscape of child-rearing.

It is a voice of reason cut low across the incessant babble of how to’s and don’t do’s that plays in the background of parenting. It gives credence to the first 5 years of motherhood and acknowledges the physical and emotional sacrifices all mothers make.

"There are times when you will huddle under a blanket on the sofa furtively eating chocolate and praying for divine intervention. Or a natural disaster."

Witty and inspirational, The Wilderness Years transcends parenting styles and techniques, socioeconomic groups and choice of pet. In a time where everything is about the children, it is a book for the parents, about parents, by a parent.

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