[Download] The WASP and the Hornet By Cynda Thomas

The WASP and the Hornet

By: Cynda Thomas
Length: 302 pages
Release date: Dec 13, 2013
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Josie Foxx, a farm girl, gets her pilot's license at age 18, and vows to avenge her brother's death in Pearl Harbor. She becomes a professional pilot, and worms her way into the "WASP group. Lt. Henry Savage, 'Hank the Hornet' falls for Josie as she dances in a USO show. He's one of three Navy 'aces' assigned a 'Good Will Tour'. Romance blooms when the Hornet kisses Josie New Year's Eve. A feisty relationship grows but duty keeps them apart for months. Josie trains with the WASPs in Texas. Hank trains in the new F6F and goes back to the South Pacific battles. The carrier is damaged and returns to Pearl for repairs. He gets Josie to Pearl and they become one. Josie graduates and is sent to El Paso. Hank's back in the worst pinnacle fight in the South Pacific, survives Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima. Runs out of luck over the Gilbert Atolls, shot down, wounded, rescued by Coastwatchers and sent back toUSA for rehab. Josie leaves WASP group and goes home. Waits for her love surprise and his homecoming as she finally hears from him by telephone.

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