[Download] The Wanting By Karolyn Cairns

The Wanting

By: Karolyn Cairns
Length: 462 pages
Release date: Dec 17, 2013
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A naïve beauty, orphaned and alone, Juliette St. Michael always longed for something more out of life, never imagining her innocent thoughts would ever be heard.
An otherworldly creature hears her desperate pleas. The soon-to-be king of the Nocturnae, an ancient breed of vampire, begins to stalk her, with an insatiable taste for her that spans a century before they even met in turn of the century London.
Prince Darien, ruler of the House of Vahr, never intended to brand her as his, to make her a Halfling to him, bound by blood in a cruel twist of fate.
Too late, the damage is done. Darien must protect her from the evil of his own kind, unknowing of the feelings awakened within him by the innocent beauty that has haunted him for over a century.
Darien's kingdom is in turmoil, his nobles all aligned against him. With no one he can trust, he turns to Juliette, giving her his immortal, unbeating heart.
Juliette despises the slavery that binds her to the beautiful monster who now owns her body and soul. Desperate to find some means of escaping her obsessive need for him, Juliette becomes emerged within his world, where humans are food and entertainment, and her will is never her own.
Darien makes a heartbreaking decision to save her from his own kind, placing her in greater danger as the threats within his kingdom surround them.
Juliette opens her eyes to find herself no more a Halfling to the prince, but a fugitive Highblood, a human turned with pure blood. With no memory of her time with Darien, she turns to her ancient maker for guidance.
Chased and hunted through the seven kingdoms of the Nocturnae, Juliette and her newfound companion find themselves in the center of the turmoil raging around them.
Haunted by Darien's image in her dreams, Juliette learns to harness the immense power of her dark gift, never imagining what she is capable of.
The call to the blood becomes stronger as the past and present collide in this turbulent epic spanning continents and centuries as two immortal hearts collide over and over again, until they at last become one.

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