[Download] The Vostok Juncture By Matt Chatelain

The Vostok Juncture

By: Matt Chatelain
Length: 273 pages
Release date: Jan 14, 2014
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A forced expedition into Lake Vostok becomes a frantic attempt to escape back to the surface, when ancient bacteria feeds on the submarine and the people inside. Up above, a polar cyclone rages, keeping everyone cooped up, while a disguised assassin roams among them, intent on sabotage and murder. Panic sets in as the reality of their situation hits home. Will anyone get out alive?

Only one man, John Weaver, might save them. Unfortunately he's stuck in the sub and, even if he does reach the surface, there's still the matter of a spy hidden among them.

And Lake Vostok is coming.

The Vostok Juncture is a bobsled run of a story, hurtling headlong to an unstoppable collision. Filled with claustrophobic scenes, intense danger, murder, horror, and deadly action, the Vostok Juncture is what happens when man and nature collide.

Nature always wins.

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