[Download] The Twelve Nights of Christmas By N. Beetham Stark

The Twelve Nights of Christmas

By: N. Beetham Stark
Length: 348 pages
Release date: Dec 1, 2010
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Come walk down a path to the past to a time when life was much different from what it is today. The Twelve Nights of Christmas has stories of life in England in the past when people faced different problems from those we know today. The stories are written for adults but are appropriate for children if they are told about the history of the times in which the stories are set. Read these stories to your family at Christmas so they can appreciate the bounty that we have today and become strong in the knowledge of the suffering that our ancestors endured that we may live as we do today. These stories are fiction, but are historically accurate for the time period in which they are set. At times they elicit the warm feelings that one gets from reading Charles Dickens.

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