[Download] The Third Reich in Brazil By Ernest Douglas Hall

The Third Reich in Brazil

By: Ernest Douglas Hall
Length: 104 pages
Release date: Sep 23, 2013
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Jake was lying on a bunk bed and the cell was in total darkness.
He had no idea of the time he did not know if it was night or day.
Then he heard the lock on the outer door and he knew that they were coming for him. Then the lock on his cell door started to turn and he was blinded when someone turned on his cell light.
Two men dressed like the others in black uniforms were standing at the door.
The nearer of the two said. ‘Get on your feet pig.’
Jake took his time and stood up.
The German said. ‘Oh so you take your time, well when we get into the assembly hall we too shall take our time, you will pray for us to stop.’
Jake looked him in the Eye and said. ‘I will never give in to you.’
The second German had been tying Jake’s hands behind his back while the first German had been talking to him.
Then they took Jake out of the cell and into the passage and took him to the large assembly room.
When Jake saw the room it was full to bursting point he thought that there must have been fifty people in the room male and female.
They took Jake to a small platform that was in the center of the room.
The platform was raised up about a foot above the floor and on the platform there was a chair, the chair had leather straps on the arms and legs.
Jake started to fear the worst but he had decided not to let them see that he was afraid.
They sat Jake down then the two Germans one on each side strapped Jake to the chair.
Then the older of the two started to undo the buttons on Jake’s shirt and then he bared Jake’s chest.
Bernhard Huber came forward and said. ‘Will you tell me your name and why you were spying on us, if you tell us now and I will end it quick with a bullet to the head?’
Jake said nothing because he knew that the Germans would kill him anyway because they could not let him go now.
Huber said. ‘Well I tried to be nice to you, but well you brought what we will do to you on your own back.’
Then the crowd parted and a very tall man dressed all in black came forward Jake could see that the man had a hood over his face but Jake could see his mouth and his eyes.
The mouth had a big smile on it, and the eyes gave Jake a bad feeling because these eyes were the eyes of a madman.
The hooded man had a candle in his hand he held it out in front of Jake’s eyes then with his other hand he held up a match.
He said in broken English. ‘You tell now yes.’
Jake said nothing then the hooded man struck the match on the arm of the chair and lit up the candle.
He started to bring the candle towards Jake’s chest.
Jake took a deep breath of air and blew the candle out.
The hooded man just let go with a backhand across Jake’s face.
Then he said. ‘No matter I have more light and he brought another match from his pocket and lit the candle again.
And again Jake blew it out.
The hooded man hit Jake again this time Jake’s lips spurted out blood.
Then an officer standing besides Huber said. ‘Here take this he won’t blow this out. It was a large cigar that he had been smoking.
The smirk was back on the hooded mans face.
The hooded man now brought the cigar on to Jake’s chest.
Jake looked him straight in the eyes and said. ‘Why do you wear a hood, are you frightened to look me in the face.’

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