[Download] The Third Option By Vince Flynn

The Third Option

By: Vince Flynn
Narrated by: Nick Sullivan
Length: 11 hours
Release date: May 3, 2011
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (31 votes, average: 4.50 out of 5)

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When diplomacy has failed and military intervention is deemed inappropriate, our leaders often turn to a silent and dark community for results. This is a course of action not always taken by wise and honorable men. In certain circles it is known as

The Third Option

Fresh from retaking a battle-scarred White House after a vicious terrorist attack, Mitch Rapp, the CIA's top counter-terrorism operative, is sent on his final mission. His target: a well-known German industrialist who has been selling highly sensitive equipment to one of the world's most notorious sponsors of terrorism. As Rapp meticulously prepares to take the man out, he has no idea that there are forces within his own government that are plotting to use him.

The conspirators have devised a bold plan that will damage the president and ruin the career of the incoming director of the CIA's Counter-terrorism Center. Unfortunately, they have made one horrible miscalculation: they have chosen Mitch Rapp as their pawn. Their worst nightmare is about to be realized. They have enraged one of the most lethal and efficient killers the CIA has ever produced -- and he will stop at nothing until he finds out who set him up.

With action that sizzles from the opening paragraph and insider details that bring the story to vivid life, The Third Option showcases a New York Times bestselling author who is just hitting the peak of his extraordinary storytelling powers.
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70 Responses to “[Download] The Third Option By Vince Flynn”

  1. Kirstin Antczak

    Pretty Good.
    It definitely wasn’t his best. The plot was just so so and the characters were kind of bland. It almost felt like a filler book. Still good though.

  2. Richard

    Bad Third Option…
    I have really enjoyed Mitch Rapp until this book. The reader was very disappointing and I found Flynn’s writing on this one to be absolutely sub-standard, bad grammar, repetitive and predictable.

  3. Corie Shiner

    shorter then​ I expected, more like a prequel to next book I suppose. oh well

  4. Kandy D.

    An intense read
    I enjoy the plot twist and we’ll thought out twists and turns. A must read.

  5. Cogitor Eklo

    great story as usual!
    Nick is good but Roger is better. classic series. enjoyed the story. keep it coming!

  6. Quinton Bazemore

    I thought “No Ending” reviews were a joke.
    Would you try another book from Vince Flynn and/or Nick Sullivan?

  7. Darius S.

    Half a book, don’t get suckerd in … …
    What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

  8. Thomas Allen

    Whiny girlfriend, narrator did better
    It appears someone got Nick Sullivan a director who could get use out of a narrator who was useless in the previous book. Still not a 5-star performance, but much, much better. He actually put some emotion into his reading, and he didn’t sound like he was reading a fairy tale to a child. He also still mispronounces names of people and weapons.

    While the plot in this book was pretty enjoyable, I was put off by the girlfriend’s unreasonableness and stupid decisions pretty early in the book. Every time she came up in the book, I thought “Ugh! Here we go again!” Her function seemed to purely be as a plot device to whine and make stupid decisions to bring extra tension to Mitch and push the plot along. I felt like, without her doing stupid stuff to move the plot along, the author would have run out of ideas to write a story of sufficient, publishable length.

    While I enjoyed all the previous books, this one has me thinking I’ll drop the Mitch Rapp series if the author is going to continue to so prominently use Anna Reilly.

  9. Rochell Behne

    Washington at its finest LOL
    absolutely great follow up story and narration.
    a little predictable but enough twist and turns to keep you interested all the way to the end…OR .. is it REALLY the end???? stay tuned folks…

  10. Coach B

    I Really enjoy this series! Well written well presented. I enjoy the genre and this is beyond reproach.

  11. Johanne Heutmaker

    Character Assassination
    Sullivan is not afraid to kill off even his best characters! The landscape and characters change so the novels are not formulaic

  12. Robt Marrow

    Very weak ending to a great book.
    Overall, it’s a great book in the Mitch Rapp series, but the end is so abrupt! I didn’t understand how he could end the book right there.

  13. KD

    It is a good thing I read the book before
    What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

  14. John Zarycki

    Purchasing the next one
    wish you stayed with Guidel. In my opinion he owns the Mitch Rapp series. I tolerated Sullivan.

  15. Robert Phillips

    Narration was awful
    Worst narrator I have head in my five plus years. Storyline very interesting and easily leads into next book

  16. Beatris Oken

    Excellent Narrative and Story
    So far my favorite Mitch Rapp Novel. It flowed smoothly from start to finish and Nick Sullivan was once again dynamic and clear.

  17. Elvis Jacocks

    great book
    I love all of Vince Flynn’s books have read each one mutiple times. love them

  18. Jeff Bills

    Girlfriend is stupid
    Rapp’s girlfriend is an idiot. Some of the things she did made me shake my head in wonder. How can she be so gullible?

  19. Lean Zarco

    Can’t Stop!
    Just like the previous books, this one keeps your hanging on chapter after chapter. Sullivan nails it again and it’s another great chapter in the series.

  20. Frank M.

    Read this book.
    Great read!! It’s a shame about Vince Flynn’s passing. His character, Mitch Rapp will immortalized him.

  21. Adam N.

    Sullivan will grow on you.
    Would you consider the audio edition of The Third Option to be better than the print version?

  22. Marylee K.

    Honestly I was hesitant about getting this book because a lot of the reviews didn’t like how the book was narrated. To me it was well done. Focus on the story if you don’t like the narration and you will enjoy

  23. Richard Olsson

    love it
    great story clear reading couldn’t stop listening to it. looking forward to hear the next one

  24. Alecia Schlumaker

    Enjoying the series.
    I’ve been reading/listening to the series in order, including the two prequels (which I didn’t know were prequels when I listened to them).
    I actually like the first two books better than the third and fourth in the series – but this is the first review I have taken the time to write.

    Mainly I want to address the narration. There are so many comments negative toward this reader that I believe it’s unfair. As the performer, Sullivan did a really good job in this 4th Rapp book. Great range of voices for the characters. Distinct and colorful. I understand that listeners got accustomed to the other narrator, Guidall – I did too – but that doesn’t negate the skill of Sullivan as an service performer. If you hadn’t trained your brain to Guidall, it would be easier to appreciate Sullivan’s talents.

    So I think this book is good – 5 stars may be inflated – but I listened to it in a few days and I’m charging through the series. I plan to finish the series in sequence.

  25. kay

    my 5th.. ok. just ok. very good narrator.
    Anna is weak . her friend and husband characters are weak. the villain is weak. just an OK book.

  26. Thora Moman

    great book
    narrator did a great job with all characters. Vince Flynn never ceases to amaze me with his Talent

  27. Joesph Haeckel

    Other Reviewers have it wrong
    Where does The Third Option rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

  28. Bradley Y.

    This is another great story in the Mitch Rapp series! I highly recommend this series!

  29. Customer

    Loved the surprise ending
    First in series without closure but I found it adding to the complexity of the series. I thought it a perfect stopping point and look forward how the next will open.
    Overall, I love the style of the author and find his stories engrossing

  30. Dan V.

    Excellent Rapp session, but don’t like no ending
    I really like all of the Mitch Rapp, but can’t believe Flynn left us pretty much in sentence without an ending. If this is a way to continue to the next book perhaps to earn more money then shame on him. I understand that he is now past away and I am sorry to hear that. The narrator was also really good. I saw that others rated him poorly, but not sure why. I have listened to several in the past that I could say that about, but not Nick Sullivan.

  31. Tova Kirgan

    Still a great series just not the best orator
    This is one of my favorite series, I love it when the good guy wins.
    Nick Sullivan has a tough act to follow with George Guidall. Unfortunately his performance is just not as good.
    No points of suspense for a cheap thrill just a well written story following an intriguing protagonist. I have read this series multiple times and enjoy it each time.


  32. Waldo Caneles

    Had I not read other reviews I would have thought it was defective
    The book ends mid sentence. The narrator is not good. I feel I am being generous giving it a 2.

  33. Barton Harpster

    An exciting story for an exciting CIA assassin!
    Mitch Rapp continues to rule as an assassin for the U.S. government. As I got towards the end of the book, I was disappointed to see that it was leaning towards a to-be-continued status. There were several questions left unanswered with characters that appeared towards the end of the book. I’m a true believer in closure with book storylines.

  34. Martin Jelovich

    I loved it! This is why Vince Flynn was the best! Can’t wait to start the next one!

  35. Allan D.

    I read this one years ago in print. Now listening to this narrator I find Mitch’s fiance is named Anna Really. Huh, certainly lookled like Reilly to me. You learn something every day. Lol

  36. nathan berry

    Not as good as others
    maybe because it’s just half a book but alot of dry boring spots. Not as good as others

  37. Kenyetta D.

    I miss George… Tell Me A Story !
    One of the things I really liked when I started the Mitch Rapp series was George didn’t awesome job of telling you a story. The way Nick narrates it it reminds me of somebody reading a story to me.

    I got used to Nick reading me the story but I do miss the way George captured the characters completely And drew you in with a great storytelling.

  38. Bryan Serrata

    Narration was a turn-off
    What disappointed you about The Third Option?

  39. Numbers Wienberg

    another outstanding read /story by Vince flynn. I cannot wait to get to the next story.

  40. Misha

    loved It!
    Vince’s writing is incredible and I’m loving each book in this series more and more!

  41. Isaias Elsinger

    Love this series
    GREAT characters, GREAT writing. I am enjoying the whole series a book at a time.

  42. Pamala Milstein

    another great read
    Mitch Rapp saves the day again, I can’t get enough of the stories about this character.


    great story without an end
    I always like to read a book that comes to a conclusion. Unfortunately this book leaves you hanging wondering what will happen next. I can only assume there is a sequel that will finish the story started in this book.

  44. Felton Manus

    The end came quite suddenly
    The book as such was very entertaining and delivered what I’d expect from a Mitch Rapp novel. What I didn’t like was the cliffhanger end that forces you to buy the next one…

  45. Dean Steininger

    Poor Narration
    What disappointed you about The Third Option?

  46. Racquel D.

    Very good storyline
    Loved it. Narration was better but not George! When is George coming back? I hope soon.

  47. Lynelle Ducharme

    by itself–meh; for continuity of story–okay
    This is more about Washington politics than Rapp’s special talents. It really describes how you can never know when you will be on the other end of the hit list. And it ends on a cliff-hanger, so isn’t very satisfying as a stand-alone book. However, if you are into this series, then you need this just for continuity. And I don’t know where the years went. Rapp was in Europe in love with Greta, then here’s Rapp with 10 years under his belt, and no more mention of Greta. It’s all about the reporter from the Olympus White House Has Fallen Down previous book. Feels as if there were about 3 books missing.

  48. Katherine

    I did miss an ending
    The narrator was fine for me, but of course George Guidall is better, and I liked this one more than the narrator of the book just prior to this one in the series. Perhaps he’ll tidy up the loose ends in the next book or maybe it was saying that not all bad guys get caught in the end. I still don’t see anything in the girlfriend but perhaps that’s intentional too.

  49. Terrilyn R.

    Third Option (unabridged)

    Part two ends without ending the book!


    I love Vince Flynn – – this is VERY FRUSTRATING

  50. Cameron Switcher

    Very Poor Narrator, but the Story was Decent
    Is there anything you would change about this book?

  51. Samuel Fergusson

    Great Book, So-So Narrator
    This is another book in the Mitch Rapp series. The story is excellent and keeps the book flowing. Nick Sullivan is an ok narrator. I don’t think he’s terrible, however he is not on par with George Guidall who narrates many of the other Mitch Rapp novels. Still worth a listen though.

  52. Mark Heimburger

    Bad ending
    I have no idea why you would end the story this way. No resolution at all.

  53. Tiffaney Goudeau

    enjoyed it
    this is really a enjoyable series it covers most all aspects of a story mysteryand action.

  54. Harold Hornandez

    Great book, awesome narration!
    I am a huge Mitch Rapp fan and this book did not disappoint. This is my first Vince Flynn audiobook. I’ve spent lots of time driving recently so not a lot of time to read. I will say that of the hundreds of books I’ve listened to, this narration is in my top 10%. Not over the top with the voices but enough character to discern the different players with great consistency. The story was on point, as usual with Flynn. Looking forward to the next one!

  55. Noel Wirick

    subterfuge continues
    this third of the Mitch Rapp series solidifies out Mitch’s needed to contain the subterfuge within the government. This is an excellent set up for the next book in the series.

  56. Wen S.

    2nd time listening
    and it was even better then the first time I listened and became a huge Mitch Rapp fan.

  57. WhatItIs

    not the best
    terrible ending, left the reader very unsatisfied and as if there was a big hole in the plot

  58. Avid Reader

    Where is the ending?
    Would you try another book from Vince Flynn and/or Nick Sullivan?

  59. Marisia Robus

    Really enjoyable
    Mitch Rapp to the rescue. Storyline was great but I hated the ending! I was not ready for this one to end yet!

    Fast moving with lots of twists.

    Another Vince Flynn masterpiece

  60. Robby Tigar

    Please put a hit out on Anna Rielly
    Ok, Mitch Rapp has an attempted hit on him again, so one would think circling the wagons and keeping quiet would be in order, right?
    Not if you’re Anna, Mitch’s girlfriend. Considering he’s a top-secret “spook”, she sure loves to let people in on the secret. What an idiotic milksop. I was getting ready for her to give out various aliases of Mitch on her live TV broadcast. Better yet, why doesn’t she put a marquee out on the White House’s front lawn that says,”I’m Mitch Rapp’s girlfriend. Please come make me a hostage or just kill me.Oh, by the way, Mitch lives [here].”
    Excluding Mitch’s girlfriend, this book was much better than the last one. Losing THE CIA Director was hard. He will be greatly missed
    I also enjoyed “The Frog.” He was a great wiley character and I hope we see a beautiful Mossad agent again. Hey, we could get lucky. Maybe Mitch will leave Anna for her.

  61. Marcelino Strelow

    Excellent Book. Superb Writing.
    I love Vince Flynn’s books. What a tragedy we lost this great writer to cancer. Thankfully we stll have his written work. For me, the narrator, Nick Sullivan, doesn’t measure up to the greatness of these books. Sorry Nick. I’m able to tolerate Nick’s narration, as I love the book and it’s nice to have it read aloud.

  62. Silva Keaton

    Poor Performance
    Mr. Sullivan needs to find other work. The narration is nearly monotone and has no timing. The character voices are not believable and detract from the story. The plot is good, but its all plot. The writing is superficial. Doesn’t go very deep into the why and how. Same things I thought about An Order to Kill so i guess Vince Flynn is not for me. Certainly, Nick Sullivan isn’t for me.

  63. Twanna Einwalter

    Still hanging
    Great story as always. Cliff hangar made me instantly purchase next book. Suboar story telling

  64. Efrain Dears

    Rip off! This book finished with nothing resolved.
    This will be the last Mitch Rapp book I will ever read. Shameful. Cheap. Disgusting.

  65. Foster Cucco

    3 If Not Your First Rapp…4 If It Is Your First
    This is early in Flynn’s Rapp character series. Based on how it ends and the dialogue, I think Flynn was still trying to find Rapp’s true voice.

    It’s good, but I have trouble identifying with Rapp in this book. The narrator is fine just different than what Rapp fans are used to.

    It’s worth buying if it’s your first exposure to Rapp or are just a fan of the series as I am.

  66. Ron

    Running out of ideas for a plot
    I loved the first two, and even liked the next two, but I almost feel sorry for the author having to pump these out with a cookie cutter. Can you say ‘formula’? Had a tough time getting though it and can see that the ideas are done, gone, finished. How many ways can you shoot a guy ‘between the eyebrows” with a suppressed MP3 or whatever. Seems like he got tired of trying to invent muslim names so he turned this story onto itself and someone from the inside the CIA has to kill the hero. But not after, of course, he has to rescue the fair maiden. I guess the superhero Mitch has killed off all the middle eastern terrorists.
    But, for all you reading this that have not been through at least three or four of this series, it is great, go for it, just don’t OD on Mitch and Dr. Kennedy and become bitter like me. Quit at four, or five.

  67. Hyacinth Hasencamp

    Power Struggles
    The best layed plans of manipulating powerful power brokers often go seriously sour…especially when Mitch Rapp is involved!

  68. Tracey Epping

    Obviously a good book as are all Vince Flynn’s, but an absolute shame-on-you-service rip off due to lack of the ending. How does service charge so much and put out such a bogus productkon?? If you buy this reading you will ultimately be disappointed.

  69. Phillip Isenhower

    Another great tale!
    I did not see the ending coming, most books end with finality. But this one left me hanging.

  70. Candi Botkin

    Really disappointing, bad ending !
    I have read or listened to most of the Mitch Rapp series and enjoyed all but this one. Too predictable and the ending is really disappointing. Cannot recommend this one.

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