[Download] The Tessellation Saga, book two. The One By D. J. Ridgway

The Tessellation Saga, book two. The One

By: D. J. Ridgway
Length: 437 pages
Release date: Sep 27, 2013
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Absent without leave, young Jed is heading home to Green Home Village to warn his blood brother, Gideon of King Gath’s intentions. On the way, he stumbles on a slave camp filled with the villagers he knows and loves. Angry but relieved that Gideon and his sister are missing from the caravan he rushes away hoping to catch up to Varen who could help him. Running blindly in the dark he stumbles across the unconscious body of his friend Toby, who is suffering from hypothermia and a broken leg, the leg, a legacy of Toby's battle with Gideon. Toby reveals that Gideon has raped and murdered Mayan and hands him Mayan’s locket as proof. Leaving Toby to the soldiers, Jed storms off with revenge in his heart, ‘Gideon’ll die fer this.’ He says as Toby smiles.
Transported back to Green Home Village in a wooden box is uncomfortable but it allows Gideon to recover from his ordeal. With shock, the companions find the village razed to the ground. The magical wolf Blue, leads the company to the relative safety of the forest and to a clearing neither he, nor his father have seen before. As the others talk, Gideon discovers the answer to a riddle and opens a magical portal in time and space, as the portal tessellates his friends watch in horror as he calmly walks through and disappears.
Power mad Gath, reaches Green Home hours after Gideon, enraged at losing him again he decides to go on to the Bleak to wait for him there, ‘it began there, it will end there.’ He says, believing he is the only person alive who can teach Gideon the control he needs before his magic kills him. If Gideon is dies, the magic in his blood will be lost and Gath, needs that power!

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