[Download] The Tessellation Saga, book one. Prophecy's Heir By D. J. Ridgway

The Tessellation Saga, book one. Prophecy's Heir

By: D. J. Ridgway
Length: 457 pages
Release date: Sep 18, 2013
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On the distant planet of Arotia, an age-old evil has been awakened and through the sacrifice of the planets brave rulers the evil has been thwarted... for now
Years later and through the study of banned and dangerous books Prince Medim has found the secret to harnessing the immense power and banished evil, but in doing so he must risk the wrath of his father, for his plan to work he must commit great crimes himself and if he is caught the punishment will be great indeed.
On planet Earth, Gideon lives with his father near a mystical and feared forest. He has a special affinity with the flora and fauna of the forest, which he will come to depend on when he finds his village razed to the ground and its occupants sold into slavery. He is traumatised when he realises that the soldiers responsible for the atrocities are searching for him. So he retreats to the safety of the trees and seeks solace with a magical and ageless wolf, who helps him to realise the magic in his blood is not the only reason that he is being hunted but also the answer to all his questions.
Why does the king want him dead? Who is he? Where has the magic come from and why is it slowly killing him? Gideon must find out or die...

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