[Download] The Slave Ship: A Human History By Marcus Rediker

The Slave Ship: A Human History

By: Marcus Rediker
Narrated by: David Drummond
Length: 13 hours
Release date: Oct 15, 2007
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For more than three centuries, slave ships carried millions of people from the coasts of Africa across the Atlantic to the New World. Much is known of the slave trade and the American plantation complex, but little of the ships that made it all possible. In The Slave Ship, award-winning historian Marcus Rediker draws on thirty years of research in maritime archives to create an unprecedented history of these vessels and the human drama acted out on their rolling decks. He reconstructs in chilling detail the lives, deaths, and terrors of captains, sailors, and the enslaved aboard a "floating dungeon" trailed by sharks. From the young African kidnapped from his village and sold to the slavers by a neighboring tribe, to the would-be priest who takes a job as a sailor on a slave ship only to be horrified by the evil he sees, to the captain who relishes having "a hell of my own," Rediker illuminates the lives of people who were thought to have left no trace.

This is a tale of tragedy and terror, but also an epic of resilience, survival, and the creation of something entirely new, something that could only be called African American. Rediker restores the slave ship to its rightful place alongside the plantation as a formative institution of slavery, as a place where a profound and still haunting history of race, class, and modern capitalism was made.
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7 Responses to “[Download] The Slave Ship: A Human History By Marcus Rediker”

  1. Curtis Brinlee

    Tendentious scholarship
    A good job of research but ruined by intrusion of doctrinaire Marxism. Still a good read.

  2. Mattie Cosme

    the horrendous life on a slave ship
    this book gives great info about the horrendous life on a slave ship and the communities, countries and economies that supported the extreme violence associated with life on a slave ship.

  3. Richie R.

    Couldn’t finish it… it was so boring
    What disappointed you about The Slave Ship?

  4. Sean Bramlet

    A Required Education
    With every book I read on the subject of slavery, I set in it’s specific place another compelling piece of the puzzle that brought man out of one darkness, and in to another. The book is masterful at educating the reader of the facts, which then rip at your heart and soul AND leave you feeling disgusted enough to ACT to end some current injustice! I didn’t know how little I knew till I read The Slave Ship.

  5. Michael Brooks

    Horrific History
    Loved this heart wrenching, historical perspective of the slave trade, specifically the slave ship. This is the history that must be taught in our schools. The world needs to understand the terror, the torture, the dehumanization, the murder of the African slave before they made it to the plantation.

  6. Sheldon Trevorrow

    ….a most gripping and thorough analysis of the history of the slave trade through the experience of the ship. This was straight industry and the subjugation of humans as property and chattel. Imagine digging out your own jugular vein with your fingers rather than being enslaved. Choosing to feed yourself to the Sharks or drowning rather than allowing your body to be ravaged. 10s of thousands of voyages carrying millions of Africans and losing millions more enroute. This work disturbingly detailed the horrors and the economics of this peculiar institution and no less leaves you wondering where was the divine and how on earth could a soul survive endure and come out on the other side. I am both enraged and astonished.

  7. Anonymous User

    Not worth your time
    I really tried to get into this book, but unfortunately I failed. I didn’t even finish listening. No characters to grab your attention.

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