[Download] The Serpent Came to Gloucester By M. T. Anderson

The Serpent Came to Gloucester

By: M. T. Anderson
Narrated by: John McDonough
Length: 17 minutes
Release date: Jan 1, 2006
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M. T. Anderson is acclaimed for his thought-provoking children’s books. This captivating book is a rhyming dramatization based on 19th-century accounts of a mysterious sea creature swimming the coastal waters of Massachusetts.

As startling news sweeps the summer streets, a curious lad races toward the harbor in disbelief. And yet it’s true! There, frolicking in the water is an enormous sea serpent. The wide-eyed boy can plainly see it. And so can the crowd gathering on Cape Ann’s sandy shores. For weeks, the youth watches the majestic monster—until, suddenly, it disappears.

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