[Download] The Seer of Albion By Stan M Rogers

The Seer of Albion

By: Stan M Rogers
Length: 361 pages
Release date: Dec 7, 2013
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The lands of Albion held many dimensions, some of peace and great beauty, while another counter Albion was lost to despair, hunger, and great fear. Gerros, the Seer. Guided by his wisdom and sight, was sent to Albion to draw the knight, Leystan, through the portal, leaving one Albion in the hopes of saving another. Will Leystan give his trust to the Seer?
Leystan came ready to do battle. His skill to lead honed like while polished armor. However, will Leystan discover more than he was ready to find? Which Albion holds more beauty than the other does?

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