[Download] The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor's Journey into Christian Faith By Rosaria Champagne Butterfield

The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor's Journey into Christian Faith

By: Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
Narrated by: Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
Length: 7 hours
Release date: Nov 15, 2013
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (57 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)

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Rosaria, by the standards of many, was living a very good life. She had a tenured position at a large university in a field for which she cared deeply. She owned two homes with her partner, in which they provided hospitality to students and activists that were looking to make a difference in the world. In the community, Rosaria was involved in volunteer work. At the university, she was a respected advisor of students and her department's curriculum.

Then, in her late 30's, Rosaria encountered something that turned her world upside down—the idea that Christianity, a religion she had regarded as problematic and sometimes downright damaging, might be right about who God was. That idea seemed to fly in the face of the people and causes that she most loved. What follows is a story of what she describes as a train wreck at the hand of the supernatural. These are her secret thoughts about those events, written as only a reflective English professor could.

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60 Responses to “[Download] The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor’s Journey into Christian Faith By Rosaria Champagne Butterfield”

  1. Lanora Regalado

    Very Inspiring and Insightful. Really appreciated the author’s candour and willingness to include the reader on her journey.

  2. Erasmo Beneze

    Interesting but angry
    I enjoyed some of the challenges that this book delivers to the established church. However, I found the book a bit angry; and the narration sounded angry in inappropriate places, taking a bit away from the points being made. I came away feeling the author is sincere but arrogant in her life choices. Still, I recommend the book for its unusual challenges to Christian thinking.

  3. Donnie Klemp

    Awesome, a loving way to present this topic
    Would you listen to The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert again? Why?

  4. Emmitt Wabasha

    Unlikely Convert
    This book was very well written and loved hearing the author read it. Like how she was led to be a believer by a church that loved. It is something every Bible believing church should do. Her story of her family is so heartwarming. If I ever have a chance to hear her I will attend.

  5. Sherry Spicuzza

    Raw and Real
    Rosaria shares her story in such a way that was both convicting and beautiful. I am thankful for her ability to share such intimate parts of her life with strangers. I have learned much from her words and I am both encouraged in my walk and convicted that I am not the Christian I would like to think I am. With tears in my eyes all throughout listening, I continued to see that I have much room to grow on my spiritual journey. Thank you for sharing your story!

  6. KC sunshine

    Wonderful and amazing!
    I loved these secret thoughts of an unlikely convert. I consider this work, a thing quite perfect . A beauty worth telling . A sharing of what the Creator does when a creature responds to His love. It will always be among my favorites.

  7. Clara Cloe

    A faith story.
    While this book is about the conversion of a lesbian. It is actually a faith story of a young woman who gradually moves from a world of darkness into the light of genuine faith in Jesus Christ. I am proud of this well written story of honest doubt and growing assurance. Rosario is a credible witness of the power of the gospel and the value of community in the growth of all new believers. A very good read.

  8. Walker Bradburn

    A book modern Christians should read especially in this post modern culture. Many times I felt convicted personally while listening to her journey. At 1 point I had to stop & pray for myself & repent. Loved her story!

  9. Yetta Hood

    Not What I Expected
    I was immediately intrigued by the premise and opening of this book. However, by Chapter 3, I was listening in fast mode. If you are looking for a heartfelt, intellectually satisfying conversion story, look elsewhere. Rosaria’s can be summed up with: I read the Bible, felt a presence, and presto… I flipped from feminist lesbian to fundamentalist Christian. It felt good. The rest of the book is comprised of tired explanations of the merits of her particular freaky denomination, the adventures of homeschooling, relocating, explanations of why instruments in worship are bad and why women must be submissive to their husbands, how homosexuality is a symptom of sin (’cause the Bible told her so), and how God blesses her with this and then that. I found it boring, unconvincing, and frankly delusional. I think Rosario likes to preach/teach. She did it as a gay activist. She does it now as a submissive Presbyterian homeschooling mom. This book may be enjoyable for some people, mostly convinced biblical literalists, but frankly, I found it boring and at times creepy. It won’t convince any skeptics, that’s for sure, and for someone sitting on the fence, it just may turn them off altogether.

  10. Peter Curiel

    Edifying listening
    It was a good and edifying experience. I especially enjoyed the first two chapters about the author’s conversion story and the last chapter when the adopted children came into the family’s life.
    It may be because I’m not used to these kinds of books but, I found it a bit ‘untidy’? Some chapters or parts of the book felt a bit unnecessary (not in the first part – that was wonderful) , but I guess the author is the only one who knows what parts are truly necessary – which is why the book is how it is.
    All in all, it was edifying and I’m glad I bought it and listened to it.

  11. Windy S.

    Great book worth your time
    And honest and heart wrenching story of someone finding help. Truly inspiring to me. Thanks for writing it.

  12. Cleora Whittle

    Raw. Needful. Bittersweet.
    For years I have struggled with questions like, “Am I supposed to love the gay community? How? What would it look like to love them well?”

    This book bridged so many gaps for me. I can’t wait to read her second.

    I am so grateful – especially – for the experience she shared of loving her children whom God gave to her. Another good one I often recommend is “Too Small to Ignore,” by Wes Stafford.

    The insight she shares in this book about how every human being is valuable – beyond measure – because we are ALL made in the image of God, is beautifully executed. Thank you for writing this book! Reader (Listener), you will not be disappointed!

  13. Elvis P.

    Challenging, thought- provoking, sweet.
    Brought me to tears while challenging my pop culture thinking about typical Christianity. Very recommended

  14. Mercer

    Sincere Praise
    I have sincere praise for this book and author because of their sincere brokenness, sincere redemption, sincere hearts, family, worship, and outreach. Listening to this book touched and inspired me to be a better husband, dad, friend, and witness for Jesus! Sincerely Thank you Rosaria!

  15. Scottie Buisson

    Simply amazing. And incredibly humbling. This is a powerful story of grace. Highly recommended – especially as an audio book. Read by the author with great clarity and conviction.

  16. Efren Merlain

    The most encouraging book!
    My heart is joyous over her testimony and the work of God in their lives. It leaves me wanting to know what God has been doing in their lives since this book has been out.

  17. CHB

    Terrific testimony of God’s grace and Him working in so many lives. Meaningful and powerful to have the author read her book. Highly recommended.

  18. Andrew

    God’s Grace Abounds
    This book is fantastic, telling of Ms Butterfield’s journey from lesbian activism to Christianity. The first couple of chapters mix autobiography with the orthodoxy of the church’s denomination, and the remaining chapters tell of God’s providence throughout even the hardest times. Ms Butterfield’s story is wonderful and she tells it with great enthusiasm.”Worship is our rehearsal for how to live today and how to glorify God in Heaven. It is not merely a Sunday morning exercise meant to make us feel good.” I think my favorite moment dealing with church doctrine is the speech that her pastor gave at her wedding, first speaking to her and then to her husband. Her stories of foster-parenting are inspirational also.

    After hearing so many other audiobooks and (perhaps unnecessarily) thinking of their steady tone and volume as a standard, I found that the range of enthusiasm and excitement of Ms Butterfield’s voice to be too much at times. That’s the only reason I gave this four stars in Performance. Because I was so wrapped up in her exclamations that I would forget what she was speaking of.

    Aside from that, this is a great personal history and assurance that God’s grace is greater than all our sins.

  19. Solomon Pinkerton

    The gloves are off
    I love how raw and authentic Rosaria’s story is. She is living proof of Christ’s redemptive work. Rosaria pours out her heart in a way that will captivate yours.

  20. Nathaniel MacArthur

    Read, read, read again!
    The story of Rosaria Butterfield is insightful about the challenges of the Christian life. Her story demonstrates that a listening ear and insightful questions can open the door to lifelong personal and spiritual change.

  21. Wilbert Borkenhagen

    Amazing story of God’s grace!
    Author points out that Christians need to be more compassionate and loving to people that are different and God will do the rest.

  22. Michale Pumphrey

    My favorite book
    I laughed. I cried. I replayed parts over and over. This book is fabulous. I’ve insisted all my friends read it. I’ve read this book before, and now I downloaded it on service. Rosaria Butterfield is articulate, challenging and witty. This book challenges me to be a better wife, a better mother, a better person. While Dr. Butterfield may not be teaching in college anymore, she’s “schooling” me in a good way. The Holy Spirit uses this book to cause me to pray more and be available for mercy ministry. It’s a must-read!

  23. Delia Liddicoat

    An Interesting Journey.
    Articulate. Authentic. Vulnerable. A challenged an encouraging story though at times opinionated. If you are not Reformed Presbyterian or a psalm singer are you saved?

  24. Lashaunda Moniz

    Enjoyed listening to the author
    A very thought provoking and insightful book. I really enjoyed hearing the author’s passion. It was wonderful to hear compassion and humble honesty on such a sensitive and divisive subject.

  25. Nora Kapfer

    Great for a Book Study
    Loved this book. So much to refer to and the lifestyle of LGB can be replaced by many other lifestyles, the walk towards Jesus the same.

  26. Fidela Hintermeister

    Mistitled Memoir
    The first chapter is an interesting personal story of a woman’s journey into Christianity. The rest is mostly a defense of the particular brand of Christianity that she chose to adopt.

  27. Carmela Shove

    The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert Review
    I enjoyed listening to this book. I did however disagree with a few of her beliefs (i.e. infant baptism, exlusively singing Psalms in church, and eternal security)

  28. anonymous

    The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert Review
    I enjoyed listening to this book. It put things in different lighting than how I normally see it. God bless!

  29. Lachelle B.

    This story challenges the evangelical to re-evaluate our treatment of the lost soul. Love the reformed faith thread throughout.

  30. Virgilio Yeaney

    Not What I Expected
    I thought this was a book based solely on a personal testimony of transformation out of the lesbian lifestyle. The first two chapters covers that. The remainder of the book, though a good story, changes into more of a promotion of adoption.

  31. Anon

    Thoughtful and insightful
    The testimony of God’s mercy and grace is rich in these pages.
    I very appreciated the reflections on her journey. Like all faithful followers of Christ, the journey is full of struggle and joy, thankfulness and heartache, questions and peace, faith and blessing, and love beyond description.
    This story will challenge you and convict you — and call you to a deeper, trusting walk with the Lord.

  32. Mason Balestra

    Faith Building
    Not only did this book give me insight into a world I know nothing about, but it built up my faith in humanity and my loving Lord.

  33. Rickey Talvy

    Fascinating and genuine story of coming to faith
    This book was fascinating, real, and intriguing. Rosaria intelligently and humbly recounts her conversion and subsequent life in Christ. I was convicted and encouraged by it. Highly recommend.

  34. jan costello

    Be patient with this one read the whole book
    As a life long Evangelical, my toes were thoroughly mangled at times. Her story is compelling, and well told, the distance she has travelled in her conversion is breathtaking. It is a stirring testament to the power of the HS and high quality biblical teaching, as well as personal small group mentoring. Substantive, lessons for church elders & pastors, read it.

  35. Demetrius Bouldin

    Not a cliché conversion story. Real life. Real pain. Real redemption. This is what it looks like when the gospel triumphs in the postmodern world.

  36. Jill Rubino

    Excellent Book
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was heartfelt, informative and well written. I highly recommend it.

  37. Tereasa Dicken

    Powerful, moving, insightful
    Amazing — not only her testimony of how she came to know Jesus Christ but her insights and convictions regarding true, authentic Christian faith!

  38. Mariah Teesdale

    Thank you for sharing your powerful story! This will forever change my perspective on many things. This has challenged me to step it up even more in my relationship with Christ and compassion for others. Beautifully written!

  39. Zona Mccumber

    Horrible book and annoying narrator
    What disappointed you about The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert?

  40. Janetta S.

    Humbling and Exhilarating
    Hard pill to swallow. What a great testimony of Christ continuing work and an amazing journey. I felt humbled and ashamed but came out appreciating her shared testimony and have a new found perspective on the LGBT community

  41. Rene K.

    I picked up this book hoping to learn how to minister to others. I was challenged by the authors insights and entertained by her stories. a must listen!

  42. Earnest Malatesta

    I thoroughly appreciate the experiential authenticity, the intellectual integrity and the theological tenacity that Rosaria expresses in her book. Her story demonstrates a congruity of scripture and lifestyle that is truly refreshing.

  43. Jami Sanpson

    encouraging and convicting
    challenged me to seek God more fervently and be more understanding and compassionate toward others

  44. Alexandria Haluska

    Story of a gay woman’s conversion to Christianity
    Not quite sure what I was expecting when I read this book, but it turned out to be very good. Many people have heard of Rosaria Butterfield as she is one of the more prominent, well known converts today. She grew up in a nominal Catholic home and while in college conformed to her culture and became both liberal (far left feminist), post-modern and lesbian. After graduating and getting her post-graduate degrees, she became a professor at Syracuse in the English/Literature department and very involved in the gay/lesbian lifestyle and political movement. The story then moves to what led to her conversion to Christianity: an opinion piece in the local paper about a Promise Keeper conference -> response letter from a local pastor -> relationship with that pastor and his wife -> and so on. A good story with a good reflection and analysis on what led to her conversion. Whether you like and agree with her or not, this brings to light how one person felt touched and led by Christ and the local Christian community to accept Jesus as Lord of her life.

  45. Samuel Saborido

    This will open your mind.
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  46. Freeman Scott

    Depends on where you come from
    This book wasn’t for you, but who do you think might enjoy it more?

  47. Dorian Mcguinness

    not as narrow focused as you might expect
    the author shares far more than the sensational aspects of her story. of particular interest are the subject matter of adoption, foster care, and worship.

  48. Hipolito Naples

    Wonderful insight, a great read / listen!
    I really enjoyed this book! I love it when Christians can be boldly honest about their personal lives and their insights into the different aspects of how they came to know Christ. Rosaria offers a refreshing perspective on how to better understand people of different backgrounds. Her life displays the transformative power of Jesus, and this book is a wonderful testimony to that!

  49. Alysa Heidrick

    Amazing read!
    I might not agree with all of her theology which is tied to the reformed Presbyterian Church but that’s not a deal breaker for the truth she speaks in this book. I highly recommend this book.

  50. Darryl P.

    I have a lump in my throat as this book ends. I did not want it to end. My husband and I Church Planters in an unlikely state. Rosaria has taught, affirmed, confirmed, encouraged and admonished many of my ideals, thoughts and convictions. I am grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness to her and having her share her X-rated conversion story.
    I will definitely listen to this again. Every believer should listen or purchase this book!

  51. Krisan Cockburn

    A testimony that forces you to self-reflect
    This life story of Rosaria is beyond an autobiography, but forces its reader, both believers and non-believers to self-reflect on their understanding of God,faith,purpose,and evangelism. I would highly recommend to anyone, in hopes to show that with God,all things are possible and created new.

  52. Mayme Tobias

    Thought provoking and life changing
    This author has helped me to face questions and concerns that have long been a part of my conservative Christian upbringing. Thank you, Rosaria.

  53. C.J.

    Don’t care for narration. Story ok
    Content is good but delivery is preachy and author/narrator tries to add emotion by reading book with overly too much intonation to her voice. It was so bothersome to me that I sped up the reading to 1.25 and sometimes 1.5 speed.
    First 2 hours were her conversion story. Good stuff, latter 4 hours are preachy and hard to handle. I wasn’t looking for a Bible study on marriage nor a study of what worship is nor a rundown and promotion of her church denomination.

  54. Lianne Belongie

    this brought me to tears, encouraged, convicted, made me laugh. I loved every minute of it and the voice inflections were perfect. beautiful testimony of God’s Grace in the life of such an unlikely woman.

  55. Colton Ronan

    Excellent listen.
    I love the way the Rosaria writes. Her story is educational, enlightening, descriptive and real. Her heart felt story covered many facets of her adult life. I loved hearing how she changed with the help of God. She reminded me of the importance of prayer and the need for community. Her book is one that I will treasure. I have never relistened to an audiobook before but I will certainly relisten to this one. She shared many gems.

  56. Rosalyn Mittendorf

    Important information for the Church
    Rosaria’s candid story was gripping and challenging. I highly recommend this book. It helped me confront many facets I had not considered.

  57. Eric Bury

    Must Listen!!!
    Amazing, it just keeps getting better and better. A great book for anyone, a wonderful read.

  58. Laureen D.

    Challenging and Encouraging
    Rosaria’s story of conversion is incredible, but it’s only the beginning! I loved this book. It challenged me in a hundred ways and opened my eyes to what Christianity looks like to someone from the gay and lesbian community and even someone with an intellectual mind like hers. I especially loved the chapters about her journey through fostering and adoption. I was encouraged and challenged by her ideas on ministry, the church, and loving the outcast. Her passion is evident in the narration and is well performed.

  59. Damian Lacovara

    Loved this book
    I was amazed and challenged by this story. The author has a strong and outspoken personality that is tempered with humility and grace. I am changed forever by this book.

  60. Jenise Semler

    Compelling story by an honest lady
    The author and narrator come across as honest and brave. I loved how her heart seems to be captivated by Christ. I enjoyed most of her story. However I found her stereotypical comments about a certain type of Christian ( people who voted for G. Bush) condescending. Her personal metamorphosis though is a beautiful story. I guess I felt like she was a bit elitist as an intellectual and made assumptions about a part of Christ’s body (who she felt were not up to par) troubling. She did have a lecturing tone. Overall I would recommend this book though. I really learned a lot. I loved her open honest style.

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