[Download] The River Kings By Stephen Michael Natale

The River Kings

By: Stephen Michael Natale
Length: 432 pages
Release date: Sep 26, 2013
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A Hunt for Unfathomable Treasures Leads to Appalling Treachery

CIA Deputy Director Warren Jumper uncovers an outlandish Jihadist plot to finance their next 9/11. Their plan, find hidden Pirate Treasure along the banks of the St Johns River in Florida. The basis of the extremist’s blueprint is disquietingly similar to the native legends of his Seminole heritage. He realizes within those epic tales the validity of the danger, and defines those ancient truths in the legendary, enchanting beauty of one Seminole maiden that captures his normally stoic heart.

Knowing he must find the hidden trove first, Jumper enlists his friends from Delana Bend in the race to foil an outrageous plan to attack the very hearts of America. Yet even before the hunt can begin Craig McNair, and the love of his life Ivory Fallow, run afoul of a heroin smuggling operation on the river. Their enduring love is swept into uncharted currents of danger, illuminating mystifying passions buried within their romance and a concealed path to an even deeper and more valuable treasure.
Now that The Shopkeeper exacted vengeance, the true adventures begin, in love... and in survival.

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