[Download] The Reverie of Jedadiah By Stephen Michael Natale

The Reverie of Jedadiah

By: Stephen Michael Natale
Length: 126 pages
Release date: Sep 9, 2013
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Sometimes Love is in Another Place

They were as far apart as a man standing on a beach is from the moon, and like the moon he could see her luminosity, yet she possessed no perception of the man on the beach or the tides within him she influenced.

Anna Holloway is a Star at the highest zenith. Anna’s extraordinary talent and unparalleled beauty have driven her to a career as one of the most sought after actresses in the world. Anna’s fame and fortune know no bounds, but she is coming to realize she is a prisoner, locked in a tower called celebrity. Cloistered behind iron gates and strong armed security, all sealing her away, preventing her from reaching her real dream, love.

Florida Author Jed Cartwright, hit the writer’s lottery with a blockbuster book, and Hollywood is clamoring to reap a cash bonanza adapting his novel to film. Jed has his reservations about selling the rights... and revealing his inspiration, Anna Holloway. He buried his heart and soul within the pages of the story, now his writer’s muse is coming to meet him to research the character he brought to life in her image ....and to him Anna Holloway’s arrival is the moon falling to earth.

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