[Download] The Protector's War By S. M. Stirling

The Protector's War

By: S. M. Stirling
Narrated by: Todd McLaren
Length: 21 hours
Release date: Jun 30, 2008
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (335 votes, average: 3.50 out of 5)

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Rising from the ashes of the computer and industrial ages is a brave new world. Survivors have banded together in tribal communities, committed to rebuilding society. In Oregon's Willamette Valley, former pilot Michael Havel's Bearkillers are warriors of renown. Their closest ally, the mystical Clan MacKenzie, is led by Wiccan folksinger Juniper MacKenzie. Their leadership has saved countless lives.

But not every leader has altruistic aspirations. Norman Arminger, medieval scholar, rules the Protectorate. He has enslaved civilians, built an army, and spread his forces from Portland through most of western Washington State. Now he wants the Willamette Valley farmland, and he's willing to wage war to conquer it.

Unknown to both factions is the imminent arrival of a ship from Tasmania bearing British soldiers…
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29 Responses to “[Download] The Protector’s War By S. M. Stirling”

  1. Kazuko Lagerberg

    extreme cliff hanger.
    the book ends with an annoyingly extreme cliff hanger. that may be for some but not for me.

  2. Jeneva Fire

    too cheesy
    I’m tired of this series, interesting concept, but so dull. everything is wicca, all the characters conveniently perfect fit every problem that arrives. did I mention the wicca? well this shoves it down your throat at times, last chapter was the only thing I didn’t dread.

  3. Kenny Lietzke

    A Bit Misleading…
    This movel has a bit of a strange name… it should really be titled “Leading up to the Protector’s War”. Still an enjoyable story but weaker than “Dies the Fire”. This book can’t quite decide if it’s an action story or a world-builder political tale. As a result, it does neither all that well. Still an interesting premise though.

    Comment must be made about the odd pronunciation of the narrator. “Bared teeth” is said as “Barred teeth”. Sinue is pronounced “siNOO”, etc. Although the voice acting and accents are good throughout, the nuances get mixed up. For example, an English character uses the pejorative “git” in reference to another character. The narrator pronounces it as “jit”. This constantly interrupts the flow of the story.

  4. Olimpia Goldstein

    My Favorite
    I love this series I listen over and over and over and over and over again to it!

  5. Tilda K.

    Ruined by Juniper McKenzie
    Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

  6. Jose Badzinski

    … and then what happened?!
    I really enjoyed “Dies the Fire” so listening to the second book was a must. Once again SM Sterling captured my attention and I was glad to follow more of the story. I love a book that once you are finished, you find you miss the characters and wonder what they are up to! I am officially hooked! I have already ordered “Meeting at Corvallas”.

  7. Kenneth Cherubini

    Great book, decent reading, just a few bits off.
    The story is good and the reader does a decent job. He can do enough accents and the like to make you feel the different characters. However, some of his accents are off enough for a main character or two that it throw things off.

  8. Crystal Harnack

    Series Going Downhill
    What did you like best about The Protector’s War? What did you like least?

  9. Sean

    A bit confusing in audio form
    This was a good story and a compelling sequel for Dies the Fire, but the non-chronological way in which the story was told made it somewhat confusing to listen to, when I couldn’t easily go back and check dates that certain scenes were happening. But all in all I enjoyed it.

  10. Yong Finigan

    Protector’s War
    Awful ! Narration was good. The story is a drag.

  11. Aleida Chainey

    Not bad …
    This was a good book. If you read and enjoyed the first book, you will probably like this one. Several years have passed from the first book to this one but the story continues on nicely. Unfortunately, the author does repeat quite a bit from the first book, reminding the reader who everyone is and the like. The performance is just as good as the first book. I am looking forward to the third book in the series. This book was worth the credit.

  12. Zenia N.

    amazing boom can’t wait for the next book
    ranks right up there with some of the greats like lord of the rings and the hobbit

  13. Jennifer

    …and then what happened?
    I really enjoyed “Dies the Fire” so listening to the second book was a must. Once again SM Sterling captured my attention and I was glad to follow more of the story. I have already ordered “Meeting at Corvallas”.

  14. Vinita Pares

    In line with the rest of the series!
    The performance and storyline are on par with the rest of the series to date, thoroughly enjoyed it!

  15. Vasiliki Hilcher

    Comes off somewhat contrived, but I’ll listen on
    The writing style is a little hokie at times and battles are fairly predictable. There are elements that make the suspension of disbelief a little difficult, but, overall, a fun bit of candy and I’ll likely listen to the next book in the series.

  16. Giuseppe Leyson

    A masterful weave of old and new
    This is the second of the change novels I have read and I must say I am hooked. I’m really taken by the way the author weaves in all aspects of life in this rebuilding world from sociology and religion to politics and technology (or lack thereof). All of these things bring pressures that have an effect on the progression of the plot. I like how characters that were adults before the change have different perspectives and attitudes than those that were very young or not born until after and how people adjusted and value different things based on the priorities of the times and of the setting. I gave it a four overall mostly because I was a bigger fan of “Dies by fire”, and I think this work falls short of that one, but that could be because this book is further along in the timeline and lacks the raw struggle for survival that seemed to be everywhere in the last installment.

    The narration is excellent as well and I’ll be looking for more work done by Mr. McLaren.

  17. Ferdinand Freeburg

    Not sure why it is called the protector’s war since it is not till the next book, but still great. I am not sure if I am just use to 1.5x speed now, but it does seem to be super slow and listen to it at 2x

  18. Beth

    Boring! ! Hard to make it thru the book
    Would you try another book from S. M. Stirling and/or Todd McLaren?

  19. Matt W.

    once again pronunciation
    once again awkward and just plain wrong pronunciation ruins my ability to get lost in the book.

  20. Noah A.

    an hour at a time
    I enjoyed this book very much but I could only listen to it for about an hour while driving to and from work once a week. The speaker did well with his various voices. I have purchased the next book in the series so obviously it was good enough.

  21. Jim

    A book that needs an abridged version
    Whew, I have finally got to the point of fast forwarding to survive this author. The premise of this story is good, but the theme is buried under brutally long boring sections of trivia. If ever an author needs to have his works abridged for audio, it’s this guy.

  22. Tempie C.

    I just couldn’t do it
    I tried. I really did to listen to this one but it just drug on and on with the god of this and the god of that being prayed to. Basically the character Juniper McKenzie ruined this one for me. I really wish SM Stirling had not put so much emphasis on this character and her role in this new world. If I could just edit her out I would give this one four stars. So no, I couldn’t finish this one. As much as I tried and wanted to I just couldn’t do it.

  23. JTingey

    Great book, but not effort to correctly say names
    Where does The Protector’s War rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

  24. Magan Frantum

    The title is misleading, plot drags a bit
    I have seriously mixed feelings about this series. On the one hand I hold out wanting to find out what happens. On the other hand there is a shrill voice in my head with a running critique as I’m listening to these books. It’s very hard to suspend disbelief, but maybe that’s just the way I react to fantasy fiction.

    Of the first three in this series, this one is the least worth listening to.

    My main issues with this series are 1) overly long detailed descriptions of irrelevancies, 2) magical anti-tech that defeats physics and chemistry in one little flash of light to justify re-introducing the economy of the middle ages where cutting people up was more romantic than using bullets.

  25. Allan Tahu

    Another great book in the series.
    The war between the Protectorate and the rest of the other factions finally comes to a head and Mike Havel and Norman Arminger finally settle their scores.

  26. Man Gathing

    Great listen, I strongly recommend this one…
    Protectors war is the second in the series by S. M. Stirling and it continues the great story that Dies the Fire began. 5 stars to Performance, and 4 to story, simply because it is a little different then what I usually read and I found a few parts to be a little strange. But 5 overall stars because it is a great book that I would highly recommend.

  27. Lucretia Gorell

    Ah Lord And Lady Mr. Stirling does tend to lay it on thick what with all of the Wiccan this and that. However, if you can get past that, which is at times is hard to do since Stirling developed such a heavy man crush about it that it practically permeates everything in the story line, it really is a very good and well thought out story worth every bit of the time reading/listening.

  28. Cecil Pfaff

    Good fantisy book
    I think if you remeber that this is a fantasy or sci-fi book and not a real world fiction then you’ll be okay with the odd bits of the book/series.

    for instance, now 3 random brits make it to the states on a Tazmania ship looking for MWD. man thats a bit of stretch (but not for a work of fiction… hey its fiction). What ever, they got there. Get over it.

    there is the standard writer repetition but maybe less than normal.

    i actually like this narrator a lot too. sure no one pronounces things the way we want them to all the time, but so what. Also, later in the book some acents are explained. But what ever… he has to pull off an obseen number of voices.

    I’m liking the series a lot

  29. Myesha Abugn

    Quite a great read, the story Contiues 4 the best!
    I’m quite excited for this series. every part is better and better. there really building the charcter devoplent.

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